Justin Timberlake parties with fans in Nashville!


Last night was epic and I really do mean EPIC, because I was able to see…


…Justin Timberlake perform The 20/20 Experience!

“Was able” is a funny way to say that you went to a concert, but I truly do mean that because it took me from Monday to last night to get my hands on a single ticket for the show! Not a pair, not four, just ONE TICKET! I’m telling you that the process was grueling and thanks to my friends at PayPal Credit…I put it on layaway so it took the sting off since I paid nothing now! 😀

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 5.06.37 PM


All ticket hunting aside, I walked in Bridgestone Arena last night and went inside to send 75 Snapchats to all my jealous friends of the DJ warming up the crowd, the stage, and the VIP lounge! It was a party waiting to happen and I couldn’t wait for the show to get started!


I got to my club level seat that was on the back wall of the arena but I was just happy to be there! I will say that my seat gave an amazing view to the entire show which is what I would have wanted in order to ooh and ahh at Justin’s vision for what he wanted his tour to look like, sound like, and feel like.

The fans were already up dancing and then the lights dropped at 8:35 to reveal the image of an eye doctor’s machine to test your vision that exploded into small pieces and showed 20/20 and the word “experience” over and over. Then there was a 10 second countdown with a bright light on center stage that Justin Timberlake was standing behind and began to sing one of everyone’s favorite new JT songs: “Pusher Love Girl”.


After the song, Justin bowed to the cheering 18,000+ fans and asked “How y’all feelin’ in Music City tonight?” So we screamed louder HAHA He rolled right into incredible performances of “Rock Your Body”, “FutureSex/LoveSound”, and “Like I Love You”.

The coolest thing happened next when JT did a “My Love” rap medley, sang “My Love” like a ballad with a piano accompanying him, and then the full album version of “My Love”. There was an impressive dance break in the song too which proved that Justin is not above choreography. It adds a lot of showmanship to his performances and he was fast on his feet!

tumblr_mtipylUwx21qd4z2ko2_r1_500As seen on TV! 🙂

Justin addressed the crowd as “Nashville” but he kept throwing out the term “Nashvegas” every once in a while which made me laugh because nobody who lives here says that! HAHA

A sweet performance of TKO was followed by a hilarious fan moment. Justin was toweling off his face when he looked down to the front row and read a sign that said “Our husbands think we’re out shopping”! It was 2 ladies in the front row and he told them, “You’re gonna get me in trouble! Are your husbands big?” One of the ladies said her was and he said “Aw, man!” 😀 So then the lady tried to say something else to JT and he said “Wait! This is getting good!” which made the crowd erupt in laughter. Then he repeated what they told him: “He gave you a hall pass.” He was flustered to say the least but told them thanks for coming to the show.


Mr. Timberlake was in a talkative mood at that point and he told the crowd: “We are JT and the Tennessee Kids. We’ve been touring the world for almost 2 years now but there is no place like Tennessee.” Since he’s a Memphis kid, I liked how his allegiance still lies in TN!

Next were hard hitting performances of “Summer Love” and “Lovestoned”. Then a beautiful white grand piano raised up and Justin played it while he sang “Until the End of Time”.


We were given a great version of his chorus of Jay Z’s song “Holy Grail”, a snippet of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, and a sweet performance of his Britney Spears’ breakup song “Cry Me A River”.

After an power packed hour, we were given a 10 minute intermission to breathe and to process what had just happened!

Then the second half of the show began with the screen displaying some visuals of Justin singing some song that I had no clue what it was with some beats from Timbaland and a laser show that stretched throughout the entire arena! It was impressive to say the least!


When the visual effects were through, the lights came up and Justin was standing center stage with a guitar. He asked the crowd, “This is Country Music City USA right?!” and the crowd cheered as he began to strum and sing “Friends In Low Places”. After the first verse and chorus, Justin stopped the band and said “Hold up! If you gon’ do this sh**….GARTH!” and by this point I’m already having a heart attack as the legendary country singer Garth Brooks comes to join Justin on stage! I grew up on Garth’s music and it played every single day in my house!

I have no video to show you that I took myself because I was having a heart attack all throughout that song as I lost my voice singing/screaming, but there is footage thanks to a girl who held herself together long enough to document it!

Check out the duet of “Friends In Low Places”:


What’s amazing is that the song turned out to be a GB & JT duet! Justin paused before the 3rd verse to ask Garth if he would do the 3rd verse for them! He got his attention as he was about to walk off stage by telling him “Get your ass over here” which was hilarious 😀 Then Garth proceeded to tell the crowd that they don’t sing the 3rd verse anymore. They’ve retired it. So the crowd booed and he said, “For you (Justin) and because we’re in the greatest state in the land of freedom…how about everybody let’s do that 3rd verse together?!” and I recall him saying “We gotta show the young guy how we do it!” HAHA

The song ended with me having lost my voice & an awkwardly funny moment of Garth bowing to Timberlake and Timberlake bowing to him! IT. WAS. PERFECT.


At this point I’m still in the aftermath of my childhood dream come true Justin did an amazing acoustic jam of “Drink You Away” with the Tennessee Kids followed by “Tunnel Vision” and one of my old favorites: “Señorita”.

I could hardly believe my eyes when the stage began to rise from one side to the other and move all the way down to the other end of the arena while he sang “Let The Groove Get In”. Justin’s magical stage stopped right over top of the VIP Lounge and he walked down a set of stairs to greet the fans. He took a shot from the bar and asked us to raise a glass as he toasted “To the greatest state on earth and to God himself.”


He told the crowd he hailed from Memphis and then broke into “Heartbreak Hotel”! He had us put 2 fingers in the air for Elvis Presley the King of Rock n Roll 🙂 Then the next tribute was lovely as he sang Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature” and told us to sing it loud…”so he can hear us”. I said “YES” and thought that was such a beautiful tribute to Michael. All together, it was great to see him pay tribute to his greatest inspirations!

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 5.27.11 PMThe greatest entertainers that ever lived!

Next was a gorgeous version of “What Goes Around…Comes Around” as he got back on the moving stage to sing “Take Back The Night” while he made his way back to the front of the arena. There was a random snippet of “The Roof Is On Fire” and “Jungle Boogie” of all things! HAHA


He closed out the show at 2 hours & 15 minutes with “Murder”, “Poison”, and his first song released in 7 years: “Suit & Tie”.

Of course there was an encore when Justin took the stage one last time to give a rocking performance of “SexyBack” and a touching performance of his love song “Mirrors”.

Case in point, the show was phenomenal! I’ve been a fan of Justin since his N’SYNC days and I had never seen him solo before last night. I have to say that his show really blew me away! He’s a gentleman, a dancer, a singer, a performer, an actor, a husband, a Tennessee native, and a lovable guy!


It was a real blessing to be able to see Justin perform and although there were no throwback N’SYNC songs for us, I was still so impressed by the thought that went into the production of his tour! The lights, the sounds, the moving stage, the audience involvement, and the visuals. It was an experience and I can see that just like 20/20 now 😉

He brought SexyBack and Jungle Boogie back and he even brought the 3rd verse of Friends In Low Places back so you’ve gotta love this guy!

Someone threw a Santa hat on stage at the very end that Justin didn’t put on, but it still made for a cool picture!

Thank you for checking out my review and please check out a few of my best pictures before you go! And make sure to tweet @musicrowgirl with your thoughts about the show!

Thank you Justin for bringing the party to Nashville & come back anytime you want!



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