YouTube could face a $1 Billion lawsuit from Pharrell & others!


I’m an avid watcher of YouTube, and today I’m surprised to hear that…


…they might be sued for $1 Billion if they don’t take 20,000 music videos down!

In a strange turn of events, music industry titan Irving Azoff is threatening the largest music video platform to take down the videos that he owns the rights to…or else!

Irving founded a legal group called “Global Music Rights” and thus he’s trying to get it through to YouTube that they do not have performance rights to thousands of songs that stem from about 40 of his clients!

Those clients include:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 11.42.31 PM

The Eagles, John Lennon, and Pharrell

YouTube is trying to launch their own streaming music service called “Music Key” and their response to Irving is that they do have the rights to the songs in question!

>> See more about Music Key here: <<

As for Pharrell, his music video for “Happy” has been played over 500 million times so Irving really wants another piece of the pie when it comes to income. If he truly owns the performing rights, then I have no problem with the videos being taken down as long as he provides a way for viewership to continue.

Just for grins, check out the video for “Happy”:


The attorney for Global Music Rights has said: “This will result in someone blinking, and if it is not them, there will be a billion dollar copyright infringement lawsuit filed. YouTube’s music service will be adversely impacted if they let this go to adjudication. It seems silly that they would let this be test case.”

I’m hoping that YouTube will concede and that this won’t be a long drawn out court case. I respect Irving so much and I know he wouldn’t bring this up if it weren’t relevant!

I’m looking forward to hearing the back & forth! I’ll keep you updated!



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