Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are releasing a new album this year!


Just when I got all worried that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were done…

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

…they announced on Twitter that there will be a new album this year!

There were many moments last year when I thought, “Where are Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and why don’t they have any new music?!” It seemed like they had been silent for way too long! The last thing we heard was “Thrift Shop”, “Can’t Hold Us”, “Same Love”, and other hits from their debut album “The Heist”!

Their album exploded and made waves in the world of music! The Heist was released in October 2012 so it’s about time for a follow-up if you ask me 😀

51BqrqLNyKLMaybe the next album cover will be leather!

2013 was the year of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis when “Thrift Shop” became the #1 song in the country by a rapper (Macklemore) and producer/DJ (Ryan Lewis)! The duo were not signed to a record label and made the song famous through social media and word of mouth! It was remarkable and they trumped the music business with their fame through directly reaching their fanbase!

So 2014 was a year of silence from the epic pair while the world waited to hear something! Mackelmore himself was featured on the song “Arrows” by Fences in 2014 and fans caught him performing with Ed Sheeran at the iHeartRadio Music Festival! So he has been around, but still not that much!

And on New Years Day, Mack broke his silence on Twitter:


We’re probably looking at an album for the summer…July or later. That’s what I’m guessing because he just broke the news after all! HAHA

I’m so excited for new music from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis! TWO THUMBS UP!



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