Adam Lambert signs major label deal with Warner Bros. Records!


Remember that one singing show called American Idol? Of course you do, but what if…


…I told you that a contestant from 2009 got a major label deal signed yesterday?!

Well that’s all true! I’m so happy to say that American Idol Season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert, has just inked a major label record deal with Warner Bros. Records!!!

Last I heard was that Adam was signed with RCA Records, but apparently they have parted ways after the label allegedly told him that they wanted him to record an album of cover songs. I really see no problem with that since he’s the king of making somebody else’s song his own, but that does strip him of creative control.

If you don’t know his cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire”, allow me to introduce you:


Less than 24 hours after Adam & RCA split, Warner Bros. scooped him up! Talk about one heck of a fast turnaround!!!

Adam is going to be an amazing addition to Warner’s roster and I know they won’t be disappointed! I love Adam Lambert and in my opinion he’s one of the best artists to come out of American Idol.

He’s also the current lead singer of the amazing band “Queen” so you know that I’m not the only one crazy about his voice! HAHA

Adam has been working with two of the top producers in the Pop music world (Max Martin and Shellback) on what will be his new full length album! I think Max & Shell are the It guys when it come to Pop music. You call them up whenever you want a hit song! 😀

taylor-valentineThey worked with TSwift on 1989 so you know they’re legit!

Adam is excited to find a new home for his music and I can’t blame him! Word on the street is that his next album in due this summer!!!

Adam has two solo albums already:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.04.37 PM2009’s “For Your Entertainment” & 2012’s “Trespassing”

You should take a good listen to Adam’s music if you love Pop music! He’s great and his voice is phenomenal!!!

Thank you Warner Bros. for signing Adam & I can’t wait to hear his new album!


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