Linkin Park cancels The Hunting Party Tour!


One of the coolest bands of all-time, Linkin Park, just had to cancel the rest of their tour…


…because of an injury sustained by their lead singer, Chester Bennington!

It’s sad to say that Linkin Park had to bow out of the remaining dates of The Hunting Party Tour through February 14th, but it’s true 😦 They just made an official announcement yesterday that Chester’s leg injury “requires immediate medical attention making it physically impossible for him to perform.”

What’s ironic about this news is that I just went to see Linkin Park this past Saturday (Jan. 17th) at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville! I really wanted to see them because I never have before and boy, was that a great decision!


Check out a great video of LP’s Nashville performance of “Numb”:


I’m going to allege that Chester injured his leg somewhere between Saturday night after the Nashville show and Sunday night at the Indianapolis show because he was jumping around with his shirt off for the encore in Nashville on Saturday, but the next night he was onstage with crutches in Indianapolis 😦

LP15-26Photo cred: Kurt Anno

I’m so sorry to hear that they won’t be able to keep it going, but I do wish Chester a speedy recovery!

Chester told his fans: “I’m really disappointed this injury has made it impossible to continue with this tour. The first couple of shows were just magical. We will truly miss not being with our fans for the next few weeks. Hope to see you again soon.”

I really hope to see them again soon too! They were electrifying to see in concert and I wasn’t expecting them to blow me away quite like they did. They were like that phrase I made up: EPIC AWESOMENESS! 😀

The Hunting Party Tour was only 3 dates in before the band had to cancel the tour…they played shows in Orlando, Nashville, and Indianapolis before ending it.

And let me take this time to tell you that I didn’t realize until I heard the rapper in the band rap Fort Minor’s “Remember The Name” that he IS the lead rapper of the rap group Fort Minor! HAHA! I Googled it and found out that Mike Shinoda is the rapper I know and love from the side project he did back in 2004-2006. You learn something new every day right?!

49944fe30a3f1There’s Mike in the Army green jacket

The talent in that band was beyond what I could have thought was possible! Linkin Park is a versatile band with many different sounds and genres infused throughout! I was super impressed by how Chester can scream and sing all night without losing momentum! Yet again, all I can say is EPIC AWESOMENESS!

Thanks Linkin Park for coming back to Nashville & good luck Chester on your recovery!


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