Music Row prepares to welcome Virgin Hotel!


Just when you thought Nashville wasn’t getting more cool, you’re wrong because…


…the mecca of the city’s music business is getting a Virgin Hotel!

I don’t know how I didn’t look into the location of this amazing new hotel before, but I did hear the amazing news that billionaire Richard Branson was expanding his Virgin hotel chain to Nashville about a year ago! However I had never really looked into it much since then and now I’m hearing that the hotel is going to be on Music Row!

What an exciting way to get more business to the Row, more attention from tourists, and a nicer option to stay than say the Best Western: Music Row if you want a fancier resort feel, which I know would be my choice if it were given 🙂

No hate at all to the Best Western because sometimes…

2951_92_b…you want a cheaper room so you can have more spending cash!!

There’s a big crater across the street from a building I’m quite familiar with which is Belmont University’s Curb College facility and I wish there would have been a sign a few months ago letting me know that the Virgin Nashville hotel would take its place there. Google Earth’s images are too old to see that crater, but just trust me when I say it will be on 16th Avenue about a block and a half away from the traffic circle on the left hand side of the road. The traffic circle is all the way down the Row and with the speed limit at 35 mph, I don’t want you to be driving too slow like tourists HAHA You’re welcome 😀

Richard Branson is one of my favorite people in the world so I’m tickled to death that he chose Nashville as a city he felt was necessary to invest in. That makes me so happy!

I only show you this picture to point out that Richard developed…

VH-BransonsInBed_1920…the “lounge bed” which you see there has a corner back rest you can use! #Genius

The hotel’s address will be One Music Row which is quite fabulous if you ask me! HAHA The hotel is going to have 240 rooms and is planned to include 15 penthouse residential units! Then of course there will be a live music venue, a recording studio, and a rooftop pool!

There is one Virgin Hotel up and running now and that’s the one in Chicago that was just opened on January 15th! Check out a review from a couple that stayed in the hotel and they’ve got great pictures too:


Nashville’s Virgin hotel is scheduled to open in fall 2016 and will of course be the second Virgin hotel in the world in front of New York City’s which won’t be open mid 2017! I feel happy that we beat out New York! 😀

The official renderings for Virgin Nashville have been revealed today:


I think it looks awesome & I hope to plan a “staycation” there soon!

Thank you Richard Branson for investing in Nashville & welcome to Music Row!



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