Justin Timberlake confirms that his wife is pregnant!


The most amazing news finally broke today when Justin Timberlake confirmed…


…that his wife Jessica Biel was indeed pregnant with his first child!

I’ve been waiting patiently like everybody else to finally hear that Jessica Biel is pregnant! The rumor mill has been swirling since November about JT’s wife being preggers and today (January 31st) on Justin’s 34th birthday, he confirmed the rumor is true on his Instagram! Check out the photo below…

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.00.00 PM

“Thank you EVERYONE for the Bday wishes! This year, I’m getting the GREATEST GIFT EVER. CAN’T WAIT. #BoyOrGirl #YouNeverKnow #WeDontEvenKnow #WeAreTakingBets”

Months and months of speculation and it’s so nice that Justin decided to break his silence on his 34th birthday! That’s such a wonderful day to choose to spill the beans! HAHA I’m so glad to finally hear that Mrs. Timberlake is pregnant with Justin’s first daughter…or son!!

The past year was explosive for Justin who toured the globe in support of his comeback album The 20/20 Experience and I’m happy to tell you that I finally got to see him a few days before Christmas! If you want to know just how amazing that show was, check out my concert review here: musicrowgirl.com/parties-with-fans-in-nashville/.


He was phenomenal on tour and I was so impressed by his showmanship! I have to say that Justin seems like he would be an amazing dad and a great family man. He’s got those southern roots being raised in Memphis, TN and all 😀

Jessica Biel is the envy of many women and now even more of an envy being the one to bear the Timberlake seed! HAHA The happy couple was married on October 19, 2012 in Italy so here we are almost 2 & 1/2 years later with a baby on the way!

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 11.27.37 PMPink wedding dress = epic awesomeness

I hope that Justin will sing amazing lullabies to the baby! What a lucky boy or girl that will be! It seems like according to the Instagram caption that J&J will be waiting until the birth of their child to determine whether they need to buy everything blue or everything pink! I’m not sure I agree with that, but after all it makes it much more exciting!

There’s no word on how far along Jessica is, but perhaps we have a spring or a summer baby Timberlake on our hands 🙂

Congratulations Justin & Jessica on your little bun in the oven!!!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel


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