Discover: Death By Toaster


Last weekend was crazy busy, but I’m back to discovering new music…


…and I’d love for y’all to know about Death By Toaster

Death By Toaster is a sweet band name! It caught my attention when I saw their email in my inbox, I’m not gonna lie! HAHA And they’re much more than meets the eye…they have an incredible sound, a polished look, and they were so wonderful to work with. I have nothing but good things to say about them! 😀

These rock guys met and formed a band in Reykjavik, Iceland and now they reside in Stockholm, Sweden. Rock and Roll united them from the start and they love the pure fun of playing music together.

Meet the guys of DBT:

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.34.35 AM

Magnus (drums), Daniel (Bass), & Albert (Vocals & Guitar)

And without further ado, take a listen to “That’s Life”:


I think their music is brilliant! It’s power-packed, passionate, and has a great, overall message. If you’re not looking for hardcore rock n roll, might I suggest a pop rock band? HAHA But seriously I think the dynamics of DBT easily makes it something I could listen to all day long despite their intensity level 🙂

The guys were kind enough to answer questions for us, so let’s dive right in:



1) When did you first find yourselves interested in music?

Albert: “It’s a bit of a cliche but for me and Magnus: music has been with us from day one. Our mom is a singer and an ex-radio host and dad was on the business side. I think I got my first guitar when I was around six or seven.”

Magnus: “Yes, I got my first drum kit when I was five, after two years of smashing things around the house with a pair of drumsticks.”

Daniel: “I got my first Walkman when I was ten and I picked up my very first bass when I was fourteen.”

sonyOMG I remember the Walkman!!!

2) How did you all meet?

Magnus: “Obviously me and Albert met when he was born. I was five years old – he was zero!”

Albert: “Yeah, I really don’t remember that.”

Daniel: “I worked together with Albert on a culture project aimed at the underground scene in Stockholm. He had recently moved to Sweden so he was new to the area. We started talking music and I found out he had all these great song ideas and was looking to put a band together. I joined in with him and Magnus and together we formed Death By Toaster in the pursuit to do what we love, play music and have a sh*t-ton of fun doing it!”

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 8.58.54 AMHilarious word & it’s autographed! LOL

3) How did the band “Death By Toaster” form?

Albert: “The band was first formed back home in Iceland in 2012 by me and my good friend Andri, who is no longer in the band. We were working together at the time and felt an enormous need to form a badass rock band. He got two of his friends, Binni and Jón Atli to join in and I think that line-up only managed to play two gigs unfortunately. The band went on hiatus for a while but in 2014 the Toaster was resurrected after I moved to Stockholm, Sweden and met Daniel.
Me and Magnus had been working on a project together and I still had the songs from Death By Toaster that I really wanted to do something with so we decided to combine the projects.”

3712_347179642032688_1686601421_nIt’s never too late! 😀

4) Where is your hometown?

Magnus: “Reykjavík, Iceland for us brothers.”

Daniel: “A little suburb called Fruängen in Stockholm, Sweden.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.05.04 AMReykjavík & Stockholm are gorgeous! WOW!!!

5) What do you wish to accomplish with your music?

Albert: “Prevent toaster related deaths!”

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.07.07 AMIt’s clear that having fun is the main goal for these guys & their music!

6) How would you describe your sound?

Albert: “While most bands say it’s really hard to describe their sound, I’d say we’re the exact opposite. Usually when asked I say – it’s rock!”

Magnus: “If you want the more detailed version I’d say a mix of rock and punk with lots of sweet melodies and harmonies.”

1677477341-rock-n-roll-guitar-headRock n Roll is never going out of style!

7) Out of sheer curiosity, what made you choose the name for the band?

Albert: “Band names are a weird thing. It’s like naming your baby, but with a bunch of other guys. I think we wanted to find a good name and save lives while we’re at it. Did you know that it is estimated that over 700 people worldwide are killed each year as a result of toaster fires and electrocutions? We are raising awareness – help us spread the word! Plus it sounds really good.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.16.24 AMDON’T DO THIS!!!

These guys are actually interested in saving lives and 700 people seems like way too many! Let’s get that number down people! Just like it says on “Always unplug your toaster before taking it with you to the bathroom.” That seems silly and outrageous but with 700 deaths by toaster per year…I wouldn’t call it anything but a safety message! I’ll admit that I tried to get toast out of a toaster with a knife once and I think I got a little shock and/or my mom yelled “NO!!!” at me. Either way, you could easily get electrocuted and die…so please, don’t do it!!

As for what the guys are up to these days, I’ll have you know that they are doing a really cool project now where they are released a 4 part EP sequentially and wouldn’t you know that Part III comes out TOMORROW! March 1st! 😀

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 9.37.22 AMThat’s Life & One is Two are out and now part 3 & 4 are almost here!

Keep an eye on these guys! I have high hopes for them to go far! And to keep up to date with them, give them a like on Facebook [].

Thanks DBT for being so awesome and I can’t wait to hear Part 3 & 4!



Mark McGrath is not dead!


Don’t you find a hoax to be interesting? Well there was one…


…involving the death of the lead singer of Sugar Ray: Mark McGrath!

There was a lot of attention drawn to a fake death report that read:

“Musician Mark McGrath has died at the age of 46. McGrath was on set filming the second season of entertainment show Hot Package, when he was confronted by a masked gunman and shot several times. The former Sugar Ray frontman died in the arms of his co-host Derrick Beckles on the Hollywood set of the show. In honor of Mr. McGrath’s legacy, his team is asking in liu [sic] of flowers, fans post a Sugar Ray Selfie, holding a packet of sugar over their heart. #RIPMARKMCGRATH”

So naturally that sent the whole Twitterverse abuzz and people were going crazy trying to figure out if Mark was dead or not!!

This all went down on the morning of February 26th which was of course Thursday, and that morning was crazy for all Mark and Sugar Ray fans.

If you call recall that far back in your music mind, Sugar Ray was a band that formed in 1986, but they hit their stride in ’97 with the song “Fly”. Mark is of course the lead singer of the band.

Take a listen to “Fly”! I know you know this song 😀


The rumor began with a press release from a company called “Prismatics” and might I got ahead and state the obvious? It was a gruesome death report! Shot several times by a gunman?! Whaaaaat???

Mark got word of the death rumors and he took to Twitter:

dbae2ea7cfd35fccf5f597b8d35f879e896cf68eHE’S ALIIIIIIIVE!

So then Prismatics sent out this message to clear up the controversy:

“Tomorrow night on the Season 2 Premiere of Hot Package, Mark McGrath is killed by a masked gunman and dies in the arms of his co-host Derrick Beckles. It’s important to note that Mark McGrath is alive and well in real life. The Season 2 premiere of Hot Package airs tomorrow at 12:30 AM on Adult Swim. #RIPMARKMCGRATH”

I would call this entirely careless, but the official spokesperson for Adult Swim said: “This press release did not come from Adult Swim and is not part of any network PR or marketing campaign for the show Hot Package.”

Adult Swim denies direct involvement in creating the hoax about the real life death of Mark McGrath and I can’t blame them. This seems like a mistake on behalf of a third party PR firm!

Sugar Ray still performs together and Mark McGrath lives! Thank goodness!


Get ready for New Music Friday!


Remember how the album release day was Tuesday? Well not anymore…


…the recording industry has changed it to Friday!

It seems pretty strange for them to up and change it on us all of a sudden, but apparently this has been an argument going back and forth for some time!

Seven month of deliberation has brought us to a brand new day of the week to expect album to be released. Initially, I thought that it was nicer to be looking forward to an album you could listen to practically all week long since Tuesday comes right after Monday, but nobody asked me 😦

So naturally, they changed it to Friday without my approval which seems to me to be a weird day to release an album with respect to sales since weekends are such a busy time for people anyways!

A study conducted by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) found that a majority of consumers like to hear new music on Fridays and Saturdays so perhaps I’m part of the minority, as it were! HAHA

Let it be known that this date is global! Friday is THE day for new music!!!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 11.46.33 PMThank God It’s Friday!!!

Friday is the new day whether everyone likes it or not and this is actually being done in an effort to reduce piracy. Music is generally released earlier in other countries so a single, global release date is actually a brilliant idea!

Cary Sherman, the CEO for RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) said in a statement: “More than ever, the music industry has become global, and we represent international companies marketing international acts in multiple markets. Geographic lines are often irrelevant to digital marketing strategies and fans’ expectations of instant access to their favorite music. This change will be good for fans and good for the business.”

RIAA_Headshots_019Good for fans & the business! Thanks Cary!

My last order of business here is to get it out of my head that new music is was released on Tuesday and sometimes Monday. I guess we can just go with “The only constant in life is change” because well, it’s definitely true!

And so the hashtag for New Music Friday begins!



Congrats to the music industry on a global release date & yay for Fridays!


Google Play users can store 50,000 songs!


A big problem I’ve noticed in the digital world is that space is limited…


…but not anymore because Google Play wants to hold 50,000 songs for you!

Google Play is yet another music store just like iTunes that also has a “cloud” aspect to it. Nobody understands the cloud HAHA I’m being completely serious with you. I can’t really explain that data just goes to the cloud and it’s just floating and it’s…just there! No idea how to wrap my head around a make believe, real thing! 😀

Single Puffy White Cumulus Cloud.#Cloud

Apparently the song limit for Google Play used to be 20,000 and now they have raised that number by more than double to:


Once you’re logged into your Google Play account, you can stream or download audio files to any device including iPhones, Androids, or tablets!

I have to say that 50,000 songs is a lot you guys! Looking over my iTunes library right now, I only have 17,017 songs HAHA “Only” 😀

Well just over 17,000 songs is enough to play continuously for 45 days! So basically Google wants you to be able to hold over 3 months of music that you can access wherever you are! That’s a high-five from me, guys! I’ve never met anyone who loves Google more than me!!

Google-loves-GoogleIt was love at first search!

Now I’m interested in knowing who has a library that exceeds 50,000 songs or actually exceeds my 17,017 songs?? Leave a comment if you do!

For more information about Google Play, go here: and might I add that the “Play Store” has amazing deals on albums! They even gave away Katy Perry’s latest album Prism towards the end of 2014!

Katy_Perry_-_Prism_coverThanks Google! You rock!!!

I’m excited to try out Google Play some more & thanks guys for going to 50k!


Zedd releases a song featuring Selena Gomez!


I’ve been hearing about this collaboration for quite a while and now…


…the wait is over as we finally have a Zeddlena song!

I’m almost 100% positive that Selena is dating Zedd. That has been a rumor floating around for quite a while, but all signs point to YES! 😀 I’m just happy that she’s finally over Justin Bieber so that I can have him! HAHA I’ve been waiting for this moment for quite some time now!

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 11.45.51 PMHis new hair is so handsome!

The song was just released on Sunday (2/22) and is called: “I Want You To Know”.

Take a listen to it right here:


I have to say that I think Zedd did better on the song than Selena did. I’m not crazy about the song overall after hearing what Zedd is capable of with his hit songs like “Clarity”, “Stay The Night”, and “Find You”.

I’ve got to let you hear the acoustic version of “Find You” right now:

How gorgeous is that?!

I always think that if you have a girl singing on an EDM song, her voice needs to be a powerhouse and I’m not getting that from Selena. Sorry, but I’ve gotta be real here. I think the song is alright and all, but not his or her best.

According to insiders: “Zedd and Selena are happy with the way things are going right now and don’t want to mess it up with more attention on their relationship.” Well excuse me insiders, but isn’t a duet together drawing attention to “Zeddlena” as an item?! HAHA I give up!

I think Zedd is cool for debuting a new song on the night of the Oscars and for it being on a Sunday! That’s pretty chill and neat to me!

I hope Selena stays together with Zedd as “Mrs. Bieber” is the title I want to have one day so I can’t have her up in the mix HAHA It’s time to move on girl, and give up Bieber so I can have him 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.03.07 AMThat title is mine!!!

“I Want You To Know” is a song from Zedd’s highly anticipated, upcoming sophomore album! I’m super excited to hear what his other collaborators are going to be!

Congratulations Zeddlena and here’s to Zedd’s second album!


Lady Gaga’s Oscars performance was amazing!


All I’ve heard the whole day is how incredible Lady Gaga’s performance…

Lady Gaga

…last night at the Oscars was!

Okay, so I’ll admit that I didn’t watch one bit of the awards last night, I haven’t seen one of the movies nominated, and we all know music is my thing. So if you’re looking for Movie Row Girl, you’re in the wrong place.

Well this was certainly a performance that I couldn’t miss! Take a look:


The trees, the orchestra, the ball gown, and the incredible notes that she hit! What a show stopping performance that was!!!

I love how Julie Andrews came out at the end of the medley! What an epic close to an epic performance!

150223-GAGAANDREWS-320She deserved that hug!

Lady Gaga was singing a medley of the greatest songs from “The Sound of Music” because they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic film this year…which math and IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base) tells us that the movie came out in 1965! HAHA

The Sound of Music is one of the best musicals of all-time! Hands down!!!


I’m so happy that Lady Gaga, a classically trained vocalist, was chosen to sing the tribute! She got a standing ovation so obviously her performance went off without a hitch 😉

I’ll admit that the best song in the musical would have to be “Climb Every Mountain”, but my favorite song to sing from it is the delicate “Edelweiss”.

Congratulations to Lady Gaga on a stellar performance & long live TSOM!


Starbucks is going to stop selling CDs!


Remember how people used to buy CDs?! Well now, Starbucks is pulling…


…CDs from their stores so you can no longer purchase them there!

I actually have yet to have purchased a physical CD from a Starbucks store and they’ve been carrying them since I’ve been frequenting their stores when I was 15! HAHA So almost 10 years as far as I know! I was always a Walmart or Target CD shopper 🙂

But nonetheless, Starbucks carried CDs at the register just like so:


I’d choose Ingrid! HAHA

As far as statistics go, the coffee king sold 3.2 million CDs in 2006! I’m pretty impressed by that number to be honest with you, but I still have yet to have seen someone in line in front of me or in the store while I was waiting for my drink buy a CD! Well now I won’t see it because they are being taken away.

Starbucks is pulling all CDs from all of its 21,000 locations in efforts to focus on digital downloads. I guess it’s kind of surprising that they held onto CDs for this long so I’m okay to see them go.

The end of March is when you can expect to see the CDs gone from the stores!

Digital music is the way of the future and streaming music is on its way to become the new normal, kind of like the new CD!

The spokesperson for the company said: “Starbucks continually seeks to redefine the experience in our retail stores to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Music will remain a key component of our coffeehouse and retail experience, however we will continue to evolve the format of our music offerings to ensure we’re offering relevant options for our customers.”

I like how they note music as important, but that they want to offer “relevant” options. The word relevant seems key here as physical product is becoming irrelevant in the market place today.

I’m proud of Starbucks & I look forward to seeing them offer music in other ways!