Katy Perry’s halftime show was the most watched of all-time!


There was an amazing football game on last night, but I’m here to focus on the music…


…provided during the halftime show by Pop music superstar Katy Perry!

I’ve known for months now that Katy would be performing during the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show, and last night it was time to see what that would be like with my own eyes! HAHA

After was seemed like a 20 minute first half, Katy Perry took the field on a giant golden cat that walked forward majestically as she sang her hit song “Roar”. I thought the coolest part was when she dropped the reigns and the tiger raised up on it’s hind legs as if to say…”I hope you’re watching Beyoncé! You’re not the only one to have an epic halftime show!”

beyonceShe was left with this unflattering image from the show! lol

Then the lights went out while Katy dismounted the huge wild gold cat as the cameras moved to show silver chess piece dancers on a giant digital chess board. They were dancing to the beat that everyone knows and loves…the intro to her #1 hit “Dark Horse”. KP came through the center of the dancers and did a strut like a model down the runway during New York Fashion Week! It was fierce to say the least! Those chess pieces were doing ultimate parkour on the dance floor! The amount of flips and tricks made me dizzy!

Once she gave the final belt of “Dark Horse”, the camera panned to the left to show a hot Lenny Kravitz on a lazy susan as he was being displayed like a new car at an auto show with his guitar on and ready to go! 😀

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.03.45 PM#LennyKravitz

He broke right into Katy’s first #1 single, “I Kissed A Girl” which he was amazing at and was sooned joined by Miss Perry for one of the most epic duets! There was more fire during that performance than at any performance I’ve ever seen before! It was crazy and I’m sure they felt the heat! HAHA

After an eruption of cheers from the crowd, the set transformed into a beach with dancing palm trees, surfboards, sharks, and beach balls! It was adorable and so girly – very Katy Perry 😉


Katy had the cutest beach ball colored dress on while she performed two of her greatest songs: “Teenage Dream” and “California Gurls”. When she started off the second songs and sang “I…know a place” she told the crowd to sing it and when they sang “where the grass is really greener” I was so surprised! It sounded like everyone in the stadium was a Katy Perry fan!!!

Right after the epic football drill that Katy & her dancers did, her dancers laid on the digital dance floor that looked like sand so it appeared as if they were sunbathing!


Then the “dum da da da da dum” beat was dropped as you saw the silhouette of Missy Elliott! The rumor that Missy was perform at the halftime show was floating around and there she was breaking into one of her most famous songs: “Get Ur Freak On”. She was joined by Katy who donned a football jersey dress with the number 49 in honor of the 49th super bowl of course!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.31.38 PMIt was the second epic duet of the night!

They moved seamlessly into Missy’s song “Work It” and then into “Lose Control”. Missy did great and it was her first performance in what seems like forever! She hasn’t put out an album in almost 10 years now as she was diagnosed with “Graves’ Disease”, an autoimmune disease that really wears you down and makes you tired. Nobody could see any lack of luster in Missy’s performance last night that most are saying she “stole” the show 😀

Then there was the incredible finale in which Katy performed her hit song “Firework” while soaring through the air on lift with a shooting star that shot out real fireworks on its tail! Not only that, but I was laughing when I saw Katy’s microphone because it had a strap that looked much like one you would see on a Wii controller so she wouldn’t drop it! HAHA

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.06.57 PM

Am I right or am I right?!

Katy put off a billion dollars worth of fireworks above the stadium while the song came to a close! Okay, probably not a billion, but all I’m saying is that everyone in the state of Arizona could see them! HAHA And with a “Thank you! GOD BLESS AMERICA!” from Katy, the show came to a close!

I couldn’t believe how fast the show went! Time flies when you’re having fun and it sure flew by for the audience as well! Katy was phenomenal and all I could think of when it was over was how much planning and practice went into making that performance one of her all-time best & one of the greatest achievement of her career.

Take a look for yourself at Katy’s halftime show performance:

That video might come down for infringement, but keep Googling if you want to see it!

As we all know and would guess, playing the Super Bowl halftime show brings a spike in album sales and single song sales as well so I know Katy is starting off strong for more sales of her music this week, and of course Missy Elliott is too!

Last night’s halftime show was watched by more people than any other halftime show in the history of the Super Bowl! What was the viewership like in numbers? A cool 118.5 million viewers!!! What an incredible feat, and it’s safe to say that the official sponsor of the halftime show (Pepsi) made the right choice!

Katy is the queen of Twitter and even though I live tweeted the show last night, not much happened because I’m positive there were 10’s of thousands of tweets per second! I got lost in the shuffle, but it was fun to tweet about it as it was happening 🙂

KP even got a Super Bowl tattoo after the show to commemorate her performance!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.19.36 PM


Congratulations Katy on one heck of a halftime show & thank you for giving it your all!



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