Missy Elliott is officially making a comeback!


I’ve been waiting and waiting for this news to break, and today I learned that…


…Missy Elliott is going to make a comeback!

It’s been 10 years since Missy has put out a studio album and ever since the Super Bowl half-time show with Katy Perry, everyone has been wondering if that was a one time performance or if a comeback is in the works!

I’m pleased to tell you that today, Missy announced on Twitter that she is back in the studio with Justin Timberlake’s longtime producer pal, Timbaland, working on new music!

Check out her twit pic of the exciting news:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.38.41 PM


Timbaland has been a longtime collaborator of hers and it’s so great to see them back at it again in the studio! It’s like music to my ears and soon…it will be!

As everyone recalls from a few days ago, Missy “stole” the half-time show and everyone was in a frenzy over how amazing her medley of hit songs was and how good it was to see her back! That performance of course sparked a fire for fans to want more of Missy and that proved to be true in album/song sales as well for the famous female rapper.

Katy Perry, Missy Elliott#MissytimeShow

Missy’s albums & song sales rose 996% after the Super Bowl so it’s fair to say that the demand is there! HAHA

What everyone including me remembers about Missy is how cool and innovative she was! She was such a unique artist and I would certainly consider her to be iconic in the world of hip hop!

Check out one of her classic songs, “Work It”:


The reason for Missy’s hiatus was to focus on producing music for other artists on the down low, and for the past few years she has suffered with Graves’ Disease, an autoimmune illness that has depleted her energy indefinitely.

On the flip side, Missy has lost a lot of weight & she’s very healthy now!


Thanks to my friends at hollywoodlife.com!

It sure is great to know that she’s ready to get back to making Hip Hop music again and I don’t see why they wouldn’t let a veteran like her back with a warm welcome.

Right now there’s no official release dates for a single or an album, but just rest assured that Missy Elliot is back in the studio and is coming back better than ever!

Congratulations Missy on your comeback to music & I can’t wait to hear your new album!



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