Discover: Timeflies


You know I love a good duo and this next pair is certainly noteworthy…


…allow me to introduce you to “Timeflies”

I found these guys on Spotify through a “suggested track” and boy am I glad that I did! The song they suggested to me was “All The Way” and I can remember thinking to myself that the song was so full of life! I absolutely loved it!

Timeflies is formed by producer Rob Resnick and singer Cal Shapiro. Rob & Cal started making music together in October 2010 and they’ve been going strong ever since.

The guys currently live in New York City and what’s cool about their music is that it fuses Pop, Hip Hop, EDM, and R&B! It’s got a little bit of spice and everything nice 😀

R&C met at a college party while attending Tufts University where C did a freestyle rap over R’s beat boxing! How cools is that?!

101103_4272_aerial096.jpgThanks Tufts for your musical contribution!

After that chance meeting, Rob asked Cal to be the singer for “The Ride”, a funk band he was a member of. The band ended soon after a few members graduated and that’s when R&C just decided to go for it on their own together. They chose the name Timeflies and started getting good exposure for their music  by uploading songs to YouTube. Their manager sent their song “Fade” to several music blogs to get the buzz going even more! Too bad Music Row Girl wasn’t a thing back then! HAHA

Timeflies released their debut album in September 2011:


The album rose to #2 on the iTunes pop chart in 24 hours which is reallyyy saying something! They went on to perform on college campuses and at musical festivals in the US to promote their album.

Then in November 2012, their EP “One Night” was released:



To no surprise, that EP rose to #1 on the iTunes pop chart and to #2 on the overall chart!

In February 2013 the guys announced that they started their very own record label called “Forty8Fifty” as a partnership with Island Def Jam Music Group.

Another EP was released in May 2014:


Timeflies’ second full length album “After Hours” was released in April of last year and the collaborations were A-List! They teamed up with T-Pain, Mike Posner, and Fabolous to name a few.


Another #1 on the iTunes pop chart and “All The Way” is their #1 played song on Spotify!

Check out “All The Way” right here:


I love these guys so much and I think their music is incredible! I really want you to give them a shot because well…you should! 😀

The guys have a new single coming out on Tuesday featuring Angel Haze! The song is called “NSFW” which means Not Safe For Work HAHA Angel is amazing by the way! If you love rap music, look her up! She’s SO legit!

Make sure to give their Facebook page a like [] to stay in the know and subscribe to their YouTube channel [] for new videos every month!!!

Thank you Timeflies for the amazing music & I can’t wait to hear more songs!



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