Google Play users can store 50,000 songs!


A big problem I’ve noticed in the digital world is that space is limited…


…but not anymore because Google Play wants to hold 50,000 songs for you!

Google Play is yet another music store just like iTunes that also has a “cloud” aspect to it. Nobody understands the cloud HAHA I’m being completely serious with you. I can’t really explain that data just goes to the cloud and it’s just floating and it’s…just there! No idea how to wrap my head around a make believe, real thing! 😀

Single Puffy White Cumulus Cloud.#Cloud

Apparently the song limit for Google Play used to be 20,000 and now they have raised that number by more than double to:


Once you’re logged into your Google Play account, you can stream or download audio files to any device including iPhones, Androids, or tablets!

I have to say that 50,000 songs is a lot you guys! Looking over my iTunes library right now, I only have 17,017 songs HAHA “Only” 😀

Well just over 17,000 songs is enough to play continuously for 45 days! So basically Google wants you to be able to hold over 3 months of music that you can access wherever you are! That’s a high-five from me, guys! I’ve never met anyone who loves Google more than me!!

Google-loves-GoogleIt was love at first search!

Now I’m interested in knowing who has a library that exceeds 50,000 songs or actually exceeds my 17,017 songs?? Leave a comment if you do!

For more information about Google Play, go here: and might I add that the “Play Store” has amazing deals on albums! They even gave away Katy Perry’s latest album Prism towards the end of 2014!

Katy_Perry_-_Prism_coverThanks Google! You rock!!!

I’m excited to try out Google Play some more & thanks guys for going to 50k!



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