Happy 21st Birthday, Justin Bieber!


Today is not just March 1st, it’s also the birthday of a certain man in my life…


…and that young man is none other than Justin Bieber!

Now as you all know this is a Bieber Fever infused blog. I’ll never be able to say anything bad about the Biebs. You know when you just love somebody and you’re unapologetic about it? Well that’s how I am with my boy JB! 😀

So today is the day that Justin turns 21 years young! It’s super hard to believe he’s already 21 since we saw him grow up in the music industry, but time stops for no one and Bieber gets better with age…and I’ll tell you why!

He’s gotten more mature lately! He publicly apologized in a video he uploaded for his fans for “appearing arrogant” on the Ellen show! At first I thought he was doing a publicity stunt, but no! He was being totally genuine as it was his first TV appearance in a while!! Justin has promised to be on Ellen every week as long as he’s in LA which is so sweet of him.

Check out my favorite prank that Ellen & Justin played:

I laughed so hard watching that video! HAHA

2015 is the year of Justin’s comeback and I’m so stinking excited for it! He’s been working hard on his music and it’s just about ready to reach the fans! I’m of course freaking out inside, but I think every “Belieber” is on a 24 hour basis.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 7.25.41 PM


Justin is an amazingly talented guy! I know that sounds crazy to some of you, but if I said it once I’ll say it again…take a listen to “Journals” because you will not believe how much raw talent he has! He sings, dances, write songs, and plays guitar, drums, and piano…and does all of those things really, really well! 😀

I think his last album “Journals” is a real view into how much Justin has grown as an artist and how he can only continue to get better with time! It’s wonderful and certainly worth a good listen!


Justin is celebrating his birthday on a private island in the Caribbean near Grenada…you know…right where you celebrated your 21st 😉

He was spotted partying with model Yovanna Ventura and certainly his rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin was there too!

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 7.38.05 PMI guess not everyone in the Baldwin family is doing it wrong! LOL

I’m so happy for new music from Justin soon! His fans have been waiting patiently!! I know it’s going to be amazing if any of those tracks are previews that I heard on his Instagram! 😀

And I’m sure you guys know he did some underwear modeling for Calvin Klein! Those photos came out incredible…from a fashion standpoint…and our little Justin is really packing on those lbs of muscle from all his weightlifting efforts! Well done, buddy!

By the way, Justin is getting “roasted” by Comedy Central on Monday, March 30th! Don’t miss it! I’ll be upset after all the mean jokes they tell, I’m sure!

Happy Birthday Justin and I can’t wait to see you on the Billboard Hot 100 again!



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