You can have permanent hearing loss from loud music!


This kind of goes without saying, but I’m liking the fact that today…


…CNN and other news publications are talking about hearing in relation to music!

Hearing is so important to your life. Imagine if you didn’t have the ability to hear someone call your name…or say “I love you”. It’s a blessing to be able to hear and one that I think we (myself included) often take for granted!

I tried to make a pact with myself last year that I wouldn’t go to another concert without my foam earplugs that cut out 25 decibels of sound, but I would always forget about them. I went to a lot of shows last year and now it’s got me thinking…


How loud is too loud?

I was in two different acoustic based courses during my college career which did teach me a lot about sound. It made me much more conscious about my hearing and how the effects to it are permanent. This might be one of the only times your body cannot heal itself. Your sense of hearing is much more drastic than a paper-cut that vanishes in 2 or 3 days, it’s sensitive and unforgiving of the damage done to it.

I’m not trying to be the bearer of bad news or your hearing’s Grim Reaper. I just think it’s highly important for me to address this issue as it’s now presenting itself in today’s news.

Hearing. It’s not something I ever think about losing, but am I taking the necessary precautions to ensure that I don’t drastically lose it overtime? No. I definitely could be doing a better job of that…allow me to explain:


Once you lose your hearing, it won’t come back. All the negative effects to your hearing are permanent. I’m sure I’ve said that too much already, but the reason that’s so important is because every time we are exposed to music at levels that are too loud, we risk hearing loss. That’s the point I’m trying to make here.

The good news is that we can take precautions now that will aid in giving us less hearing loss over time. I’d like to think of it like preventative measures…like wearing sunscreen daily to ward off skin cancer!!

Music Row Girl’s ear saving tips:

1) Over ear headphones not earbuds!

  • A lot of people don’t realize it but earbuds are killing your ears! It’s because the sound gets further into your ear canal than over the ear headphones and that’s no good!!

For workouts, I recommend:

l_21359599PHILIPS SHB7000/10 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

2) Take earplugs to every concert/loud sporting event!

  • The cheap CVS foam inner ears will do just fine…roll them in your fingers and insert them…they will expand and block out around 25 decibels which is often going to get you to a “safe level” of sound. 120 decibels is the threshold of pain and is often the level at which a rock concert operates at. So in order to cut out the harmful levels of sound…you’ve got to use proper foam barriers. It’s a sound I have to get used to and a habit I have to get into forming, but I’m up for the challenge!!!

maPY0GhgGHacVRICafYoy-wThey even have carrying cases for them!!

3) Use your best judgment in the real world!

  • I say this to say that there are so many unexpected events in day by day living that you have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. The same is true for hearing. I have been conscious to plug my ears when I’m pulled off to the side of the road and an ambulance or fire rescue vehicle drives by because they have very loud alert sirens that they might turn on when they’re right next to me. It’s happened before and without plugging my ears…I felt pain. There are times when you may have forgotten your foam friends, but rest assured! Most merchandise tables sell earplugs now!

l_ambulance_file_photo_1200Sirens are too loud sometimes!

The bottom line here is to do a better job of being aware of how damage to your hearing could happen, and to do your best to protect yourself in situations where the threshold is greater than or equal to pain.

I’m going to do better this year with ear protection & I hope you will too!

ear (1)


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