Discover: Anna Renee


I love discovering new singer-songwriters and today I wanted to introduce…

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.56.17 PM

…the very talented Anna Renee

Anna’s voice struck me from the first time that I heard it! I really do love a voice that can take over my attention, and hers did that for me!

The ever-intriguing tone gave me a desire to listen to more and more of her music! That to me is one of the marks of a truly unique artist. She’s a standout!

The song that really gets to me the most is “Pendulum” from her debut EP:



I think the EP is great and really does shed light on how much Anna is really capable of! No two songs sound alike and she should be grateful for that voice! That’s what really pulls me in and makes me listen 🙂

For now, make sure you check out her song “More You Wanna”:

That will give you a good sample of her voice 😀

Anna was kind enough to answer some questions for us, so here we go:

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.24.35 PM


1) When did you first find yourself interested in music?

“My cousin and I wanted to start a band when I was maybe 10 years old, but then I got involved in acting and decided to focus on that. A couple years ago, I was acting in and executive producing a pop musical web series and my character had a song and dance number. I had so much fun in the studio, and the producer liked my tone and encouraged me to start writing songs.”

songwriter_with_guitarSongwriting is such a beautiful process! I enjoyed doing it!!

2) How long have you been pursuing a career in music?

“I’ve been working on music for a year and a half now.”

1 & 1/2 years is a decent amount of time…


…and has sparked a love in me for 1/2 birthday cakes!!

3) What is your hometown?

“I was born in Gillette, Wyoming, but spent most of my childhood in Jakarta, Indonesia.”

indonesia_beachesTalk about beauuutiful beaches! Next stop: Indonesia

4) Were you ever in any bands?


Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.47.43 PMShort, sweet, and to the point!

5) What do you wish to accomplish with your music?

“I feel like I’m already accomplishing what I want. I’m doing what I love everyday, with people who I love and who inspire me. I’ll be happy wherever the music takes me.”

JourneyTo infinity and beyond 🙂

6) How would you describe your sound?

“Ever changing. I would describe the first EP as pop/soul. The more recent tunes are more alt pop sounding with hints of alt rock. I pull from many different genres.”


I love artists who dabble in multiple genres!

As for what Anna is up to now, she’s touring to support her new EP and she released a music video for the song “Sharks” on November 9th!

If you’re a guy, have dancing experience, and will be in Big Bear, California on April 11th and 12th then Anna Renee has a job for you! Audition to be the lead male in her latest music video for the song “Lone Wolf”. It’s coming up soon so I wanted to mention that HAHA Go here for more info: [].

For more information about Anna go to her official website [] and like her Facebook page [] for weekly updates!

Congratulations Anna on your music career & best of luck to you in 2015!



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