Cody Simpson will self-release his new album!


Cody Simpson is an incredible, young singer-songwriter from Australia…


…and later this year he will be self-releasing his new album!

Cody was signed to Atlantic Records for five years, but now he’s a free man! His manager is of course the young talent guru Scooter Braun! The same guy who manages Justin Bieber…as I’m sure you well know! 😀

0514_justin-bieber-scooter_390x220Scooter never ceases to amaze me!

Cody gushed to Billboard: “Oh dude, I’m so stoked for it. It’s got a really cool sound to it.”

He just finished performing new tracks at Stubb’s this past weekend during SXSW! Those songs included “Driftwood”, “New Problems”, “Happy Little Hippie”, and Cody’s new single “Flower”.

The title of Cody’s new album is poignantly dubbed “Free” as he’s out of his record deal now. Cody said that the title “is sort of symbolic for me. I’m 18 years old. It’s symbolic for my independence and my freedom, especially now after leaving Atlantic and being free in that sense. It’s the perfect title for where I’m at at the moment and what this project means to me.”


I love his attitude and if “Flower” is any indication of what’s to come…this young man has another amazing album on his hands!

Take a listen to “Flower” here:


Cody has a lovely acoustic sound that brings in elements of reggae too! He describes his sound like: “It’s like the taco, and then the lemon and then the salt and pepper.”

tacos_burritos_large_1Cody Simpson’s music is Taco Pop! LOL

I love Cody and his music! I’ve been following him since the beginning and I last saw him at the Mercy Lounge right here in Nashville for another amazing intimate concert in Music City! He was great and I loved how he talked to the crowd a lot during the show!

And just so the ladies know, Cody is “taken”…


…by supermodel Gigi Hadid

You can’t win ’em all! HAHA But hey the guy’s only 18 so maybe there’s still hope!

Congratulations Cody on self-releasing your album & we can’t wait to hear it!



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