Steven Tyler signs with Big Machine!


It turns out that the rumors are true! Steven Tyler has just signed with…


…country music’s impressive record label, Big Machine!

As you see the handsome devil is there with Big Machine’s president Scott Borchetta…a man whom I have said will own Nashville one day HAHA At least as far as country music is concerned…he’s going to have mansions on Boardwalk and Park Place if people let him! 😀


Steven has been seen in Nashville quite a bit lately because he’s supposedly moved here to pursue a solo career in country music! Not permanently by any means since his rock band Aerosmith is still going strong, but he’s expressed great interest in making a solo country album. So Steve-O’s been in Nash writing with some of our best writers and having a ball doing it!

The grand announcement came today as Mr. Tyler has officially been signed to Big Machine Label Group…specifically Dot Records!


Steven joins Drake White and Maddie & Tae as part of the Dot Records roster!

Steven released a statement about his new signing in which he said: “There was an immediate connection with Scott and Big Machine, and Nashville seems like the perfect segue for a solo project…and Dot Records is the right fit. My earliest influences put me somewhere between the Everly Brothers and the Carter Family and this project is all about me paying homage to my Country roots. I’ve been working with some f**king epic Nashville songwriters, getting my feet wet with their style and groove.”

I love how he’s taking time to do a solo project! As if I could love Steven Tyler any more than I already do…the bar has just been raised!! HAHA

Celebrity Sightings In New York - June 12, 2013You’ve gotta love him!

Scott Borchetta had this to say about Steven T: “I have never met a more passionate human being than Steven. When he goes in, he goes all in, which is the culture of Dot Records and the Big Machine Label Group. I truly cannot wait for the world to hear the phenomenal music that he is creating and I really feel that this chapter of his career will be among his best. He bleeds love and he bleeds music. Pinch me — it’s Steven F**king Tyler!”

“Pinch me” is right! HAHA Talk about a rock legend gone country!! What a dream come true to have such an amazing rocker in our city making country music! Like the rapper Hoodie Allen says: “I’m all about it baby.” 😉

Keep an eye out for Steven’s solo country album by the end of the year! I can’t even stand to wait, but I’ll try and muster up some patience!

Congrats Steven on your record label deal with Scott & welcome to Nashville!



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