Gwen Stefani gets a restraining order!


You guys know what a huge fan I am of Gwen Stefani, but she’ll never have…


…to get a restraining order against me, like she did with Richard Portnoy!

I’ve been hearing for a month or so now that Gwen was battling with a stalker and she was scared of him. I can’t say that I’ve ever personally had a stalker, so I can only imagine how scary that would be!

When I think stalker, I’m not thinking someone with insane amounts of wealth because you kind of find those people to be desperate and in need of money, love, attention, etc.

Turns out, that’s not the case with Gwen’s stalker! 45-year old Richard Portnoy lives in a gated community and drives luxury cars, including a Porsche and a Mercedes!

Mercedes-Maybach-S600-14Talk about not your average stalker!

Gwen was seen tripping on her way to see her acupuncturist and Richard threatened to kill himself because he couldn’t stand seeing those picture of Miss Stefani tripping…weird, I know!

That’s when Gwen decided to make thing clear and file a 3 year restraining order against Mr. Portnoy in which he has to stay at least 300 feet from Gwen, her husband Gavin and their children…as well as have no contact with any members of the family!

Gwen Stefani And Family Enjoy A Day At Regent's ParkHer sons are so adorable!

Apparently he had shown up at Gwen’s home on numerous occasions with flowers, candy, cards, and letters! He claimed that he thought Gwen was unhappy, professed his love for her and wanted to win her although she’s been happily married for 12 years with three sons (Kingston, Zuma, six, and Apollo).

All I can say is that thank goodness Gwen filed a restraining order so that her and her family can have some peace. I’m pretty surprised this man thought he had a chance to win her heart, although I think the fact that he couldn’t bear to view photos of her tripping shows that he’s mentally ill and needs help.

Stalkers happen and are part of the crappy list of things that come with fame. Others include TMZ, paparazzi, not being able to go outside without full hair and makeup, and being recognized everywhere you go.

As long as she’s safe, I’m happy and I’m glad they took the right steps to ensure that Richard gets the clue and stays back. I hope he gets help too!

Stay safe Gwen & the Stefani-Rossdales and have a wonderful 2015!

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet


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