Discover: Jack Ü


You know I’ve been thinking a lot about the great new EDM music in 2015…


…and a lot of songs from Jack Ü come to mind!

If those guys look familiar to you it’s because they are 😀 On the left is Diplo and on the right is Skrillex. That’s right! We’ve got two DJs/superstar EDM guys that are teaming up to create a duo! It’s epic! Veryyyyyyy epic!

Jack Ü is a side project of these two amazing EDMers but wow are they freaking the main event right now!

I’ve been hearing their songs on iTunes Radio every week and you know they have my heart because they collaborated with Justin Bieber on their song “Where Are You Now”!

Take a listen to Where Are You Now right here:


You know this blogger is a major Belieber so naturally, I’ve got a soft spot for Diplo & Skrillex for finding Justin’s voice beautiful-enough to be on an EDM song, because that’s a special kind of beautiful indeed! 😉

The first song I ever heard from Jack Ü was “Take Ü There” featuring Kiesza! That song is ridiculously amazing and the beats are insane! I’d say it was an attention grabber for sure! That single was released back in September as a teaser for their debut album together.

Diplo & Skrillex Presents Jack Ü was just released on February 24th!

eWhwdpdXIBbjnDNbOFohlu2x2jydSqzT4Z3jV7PLSkrillex & Diplo – Skrillex And Diplo Present Jack U Album Download#JackU

I think the album is wonderful and despite the two songs already mentioned, I love the song “To Ü” featuring AlunaGeorge. What a great song that is!!

As far as the DJs go…


Diplo is the DJ name of Thomas Wesley Pentz. He’s 36, with roots in the Miami, briefly dated Katy Perry, and is probably most famous for creating the track for M.I.A.’s 2005 hit song “Paper Planes”.


Skrillex is the DJ name of Sonny Moore. He’s 27, with roots in Los Angeles, dated Ellie Goulding in 2012, and is probably the most famous for his remix of Avicii’s “Levels” and his song “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites”. He’s the king of the genre of dubstep and the former lead singer of the band From First to Last.

What I like about these guys is that they work together frequently and they decided to go ahead and do an entire side project to promote themselves both together as well as separately! I think it’s a genius idea!

They just performed together at Ultra Music Festival in Miami last month which I know must have been epic considering Justin Bieber joined them! HAHA Again, this really is a biased music news blog 😉

Congratulations Jack Ü and keep the amazing music coming!



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