How long does it take to make an album?


Not many people think about this, but lately I’ve started to wonder…


…how long does it take to make an album?

This question popped into my head yesterday when I was reading music news on and I saw an article about Ryan Cabrera’s EP that has been 8 years in the making!

Ryan_Cabrera_-_Wake_Up_Beautiful8 years for 5 songs!

Eight years is certainly the longest time I’ve ever heard of, but I wanted to explore the trends of how long it has taken to make albums over the years.

My mind goes straight to Elvis Presley and The Beatles whom from my research had released 2 albums per year on average! ON AVERAGE! HAHA

John Lennon and ElvisPresley & Lennon

Now as we see the landscape of music and the marketing of music has completely changed from radio and vinyl to social media and mp3’s/streaming.

It’s a crazy technological world we live in and lately I’m noticing that the album delays are probably from long drawn out songwriting processes and very many tour dates…most artists racking up 200-300+ dates per year!

The amount of days on the road have caused people to have to write songs over iPhones like you’ve seen with Taylor Swift’s 1989 bonus tracks from Target where she talks about recording a piano track and sending it to Ryan Tedder in a text message to see if he liked it. And then there’s the invention of mobile studios like those you’ve seen on tour buses!

Timbaland_BusCheck out Timbaland’s bus studio!

I always like to point out the fact that Rihanna is the fastest producer of music that I know 😀 Yes this is a pro-RiRi blog, and I think my point can easily be proven…

She released seven studio albums in 8 years and she’s always expected to release a new album every year in November! Pretty cool when you compare her pop music career to that of Britney Spears who has only released eight studio albums in a matter of 15 years!


They both still reign over Pop music royally…along with Katy Perry 😉

I’ve have noticed that it seems as if 3 years is the magic amount of time to prepare a new album…See Boys Like Girls and David Guetta for example!

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 3.22.14 PMLove Drunk and Listen turned out AAAAMAAAZING!!!!

I guess the moral of the story is to take as long as you need, but don’t lose touch with your fans. Always stay active on social media and go out on tour as often as yah can! Also, tell fans when you’re in the studio AND when they can expect to hear new music.

Best of luck to all my favorite artists and bands…present and future!



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