No Doubt reunites for 2015 festival tour!


No Doubt is easily one of the best bands ever and this year…


…they are going on a festival tour throughout the summer!

Female-fronted bands can be incredible! Just ask Gwen Stefani, No Doubt’s lead singer and rocker chick extraordinaire.

The good news is that Gwen is back to solo music in 2015, but also that she’s working with her band No Doubt this year too!

No Doubt was formed in 1986 and reunited in 2009 to create their first album in 9 years and to go on tour with Paramore! I was lucky enough to go to that tour and they were AMAZING! So freaking epic! Gwen and the guys were phenomenal and I’d go see them many more times for sure 😀

My favorite ND song is “Hella Good”! Check it out here:


Fast forward to 2015 and Gwen and the boys are back at it after just rapping up their headlining spot at Global Citizen Earth Day Festival in Washington, D.C. on Saturday!

Global Citizen 2015 Earth Day On National Mall To End Extreme Poverty And Solve Climate Change - Show

Here they are looking vibrant as ever on Earth Day!

Next up to my delight will be a slew of festival tour dates throughout the summer including the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Las Vegas’ Rock In Rio, Napa’s Bottle Rock, Aspen Jazz Snowmass, and Del Mar’s KAABOO. And apparently one more festival “in the midwest” is going to be announced shortly too!

If you live in, around, or near any of the above mentioned cities…I would go! No Doubt is seriously amazing and you don’t have to know all the words to all the songs to love them! Trust me 😉

The crowd on Saturday was one of over 300,000 people so I’m sure the band was stoked to play such a huge show!!! I know I would be! HAHA

There are no plans for new music which is fine with me because 2012’s Push And Shove was really a great album that added more flavor to the band’s music catalog. They explored some new sounds here and there, and sure nothing will ever beat Tragic Kingdom, but I still loved it!


No Doubt is classic and I feel like their music is still relevant no matter if it came out in 2012 or the 90’s. It’s still really ridiculously good punk rock!

Congrats No Doubt on your festival tour & come to Nashville soon!



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