What happened to Joss Stone?


You know, I’ve been thinking about writing every once in a while…


…about what happened to an artist/band & I’ve got Joss Stone on my mind!

Joss just came back to my consciousness today as I was listening to some nice Sunday R&B jams and I remembered JOSS STONE! OMG what in the world happened to her?!

I remember how much I loved her voice and to be honest, I’m listening to new artists and bands all the time to the point that I will forget and/or misplace music in my mind. It’s like you have all these things to do and then you remember like ohhhh yeah I forgot that I’ve been wanting to do thiiiis! Welp! That’s what happens with my ADD music brain too!

Joss Stone is an incredible soul singer and made her splash onto the music scene with her sophomore album:


Take a listen to her hit single from the album, “You Had Me”:


Joss is 28 now and hails from Dover, England! I never knew she was from the UK so that’s a surprise to me HAHA

I was listening to her amazing music today and wondering where oh where did she go…since I lost tabs on her!!

As it would turn out, Joss released her last full album in July 2012:



But the good news is she just released a brand new single featuring Jeff Beck in November called “No Man’s Land (Green Fields of France)”.

Take a listen to that beauuuutiful song here:


In addition to a new single, Joss is on tour right now in which she calls “Total World Tour”. Total meaning all, which is just about right because she started in April 2014 and is taking close to 3 years to visit 204 countries!!!

Globe-1I didn’t even know there were that many countries! LOL

She’s gonna be playing Rock in Rio on May 16th and to see more tour dates from Miss Stone, go to this linky link: [jossstone.com/tour] and you and I both are going to like her Facebook page [facebook.com/jossstone] so we don’t lose touch of our amazing songbird again!!!

Hope you enjoyed getting a dose of Joss Stone today like I did! I’m a sucker for an R&B singer with a smooth as honey voice! What can I say?!

Don’t be a stranger Joss and come to Nashville soon!



2 thoughts on “What happened to Joss Stone?

  1. J.

    I went to her concert last month (March, in Brazil) and she’s just AMAZING live! She is one of the most popular singers in Brazil. She is surreal!

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