VH1 Save The Music hosts town hall meeting May 7th!


I love how VH1 has contributed to the preservation of the arts by way of…


…their Save The Music Foundation!

Remember how politicians will hold Town Hall meetings? Well apparently VH1 is holding one too and instead of public opinion about all major hot topics, they’ll be focusing on keeping music in school!

The meeting is going to focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education versus STEM education. So yeah, you guessed it! The debate is about whether Arts should be eliminated from the school system or whether it should stay!

The live stream can be seen at VH1SaveTheMusic.org on Thursday May 7th at 7 pm ET live from New York’s Paley Center!

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.24.54 PM#PaleyCenter

Paul Cothran, the VP and executive director of VH1’s Save the Music Foundation said: “STEAM education — that is injecting ‘arts’ into traditional educational curriculum — is incredibly important for the future of America’s kids. Most often, the discourse on curriculum takes place between legislators and educators, leaving out the most important audience – the parents. At VH1 Save The Music’s first Keynote Assembly, we will bring together experts in STEAM, both in academia and in practice, to educate and empower parents in the arts education discussion. And through the livestream, parents and educators around the country can interact, engage in the dialogue and further the movement to bring STEAM-based education to all kids.”

STEAM_LOGO_redraw4MRG is Pro-STEAM 😀

Save The Music was founded in 1997 and over time has donated $51 million worth of brand new musical instruments to 1,900 public schools in the US!

The main argument that the organization has is that STEAM curriculums can and in fact do contribute to improved cognitive development, math and reading skills, as well as self-expression and self-esteem!



Oh how we all could use more of that!

The foundation’s 2014 celebrity ambassadors include Britney Spears, Jason Derulo, Cher Lloyd, Hunter Hayes, Taye Diggs, Gloria Reuben, and Diane Birch.

I think arts education is so important and it’s certainly proven to aid greatly in the mental development of a child…let alone, the mental development of a person!

I congratulate VH1 on what you do & may they continue to save the music!


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