Florida Georgia Line made a music publishing company!


Florida Georgia Line is an incredible country duo and now they just made…


…a brand new publishing company!

I love FGL, that’s no secret! I mean two country guys that met at my alma mater, Belmont University?! I’m in!

28 year old Tyler Hubbard and 29 year old Brian Kelley have certainly made their mark on country music over the past couple years with their hit songs “Cruise”, “This Is How We Roll”, and “Dirt”. They’ve been noticed in Nashville to say the least and have gained major respect from their peers.

I thought the song “Dirt” was brilliant and I still do! Check it out:


The dynamic duo just announced on April 29th that they’re opening their own music publishing company and calling it Tree Vibez Music.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 9.07.55 PM#TreeVibezMusic

The name Tree Vibez was inspired by Brian’s custom treetop recording studio! It was built by Pete Nelson for the TV show Treehouse Masters. The boys opened an office on Music Row which I of course LOVE! 😀

Brian-Kelley-Treehouse-MastersI always wanted a treehouse as a kid!

The guys’ first signing is a guy by the name of Jordan Schmidt from Duluth, Minnesota. He’s previously worked with Motion City Soundtrack, One Ok Rock, All Time Low, and Quietdrive.

Brian from Florida Georgia Line said: “We are so proud that Jordan is the first songwriter/producer we are signing. He is a game changer in music and has the unique ability to write at least five songs a week across five different genres. He fits right in. His radio-friendly tracks are slammin’ and we can’t wait for fans to hear his music! Our goal is for people to feel our music, not just hear it. We want to have a Treehouse studio full of wizards bringing fresh sounds to your speakers.”

The treehouse is located right outside of Nashville so that should be prime real estate for some amazing jam sessions with the finest songwriters!

Tyler had this to say about their new venture: “We are excited to sign more writers/artists/producers that want to come create and dream with us. I can’t think of a better way to kick start Tree Vibez Music than signing Jordan.”

I’m proud of Florida Georgia Line & I wish them the best with Tree Vibez!



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