Couple got engaged onstage at Ed Sheeran concert!


In some rather exciting news, a couple just got engaged onstage…


…at an Ed Sheeran concert in Austin, Texas!

Everybody knows that Ed is a modern day Marvin Gaye mixed with a little bit of John Mayer. You know I’ve always felt like his latest hit song “Thinking Out Loud” that got everyone up in a tizzy was just like a modern day version of “Let’s Get It On”. It basically is and everyone I’ve told that to has agreed with me!

So anyways, this past Wednesday night (May 6th) in Austin, TX…a guy got major brownie points when he proposed to his girlfriend onstage!!!

See the video that made it to YouTube right here:


Ed interrupted his set to invite a couple to the stage after he had noticed that her boyfriend had been holding a sign up for the entire concert! He said “I never actually do this, but I’ve just had a dude sitting in the front row holding a sign up for me during the whole concert.”

Mr. Sheeran handed his mic to the guy who quoted Ed’s song “Thinking Out Loud”, said a romantic speech to his girlfriend, and got down on one knee and proposed to her!

Thankfully, she said YES and all three of them had a group hug 🙂 How freaking sweet is that?!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.27.59 PM#SheSaidYes

Later on that night, Ed tweeted out a video of the proposal along with “I might’ve welled up, but don’t say anything.” 😀

For more live dates to know when you can get ready for you Sheeran-style proposal, check out

Congrats to the new fiancées & thanks Ed for making dreams come true!



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