Steven Tyler releases a country song!


As you know, Steven Tyler is working on a solo country album but now…


…he just released the first of many country songs to come!

As if you could stand to wait any longer to hear a country song from Steven Tyler…the time has come and he’s sharing that song with you and me!

Take a listen to “Love Is Your Name” here:


Good news is that the song sounds good to me and is really a good example of what will happen when a rocker moves to Nashville. The song isn’t the very best country song I’ve ever heard in my life, but it has passion, potential, and a whole lot of heart! It’s the right mixture of the three and Steven did a great job with it so far! I say that because he just performed it on the American Idol results show on Wednesday!

Check out that wonderful performance here:


“Love Is Your Name” was written by Nashville’s own Eric Paslay and Lindsey Lee!

The cool thing about Steven is that he’s a risk taker and he’s willing to try new things in music all the time! He sure took a shot at something new with a country song and a country album, but I commend him for that 😀

I reported to you on April 6th that Steven was signed to Nashville’s very own mega-label Big Machine [] and here we are a month later and he has a single for us! That happened really fast!

I love you Steven & best of luck to you in country music!



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