Janet Jackson announces new album & world tour!


You know Michael wasn’t the only star from the Jacksons and this year…


…Janet Jackson will return with a new album and a world tour!

Ironically, Janet’s 49th birthday is TODAY! May 16th! She picked a wonderful day for a new announcement at midnight to celebrate her birthday in style! She told her fans in a video linked to a tweet: “I promised you’d hear it from my lips and now you will. This year: new music; new world tour; a new movement. I’ve been listening. Let’s keep the conversation going.”

And all the JJ fans did this…


A crazy happy dance đŸ˜€

The tweet included “My Conversation” and the hashtag #ConversationsInACafe so you tell me…which one is the album title and which one is the first single?

I would guess that the album title is My Conversation and the single is Conversations In A Cafe đŸ™‚

See the announcement video here:


Janet’s last album was her 10th studio album called “Discipline” and came out in February 2008.

It’s hard to even believe that Janet has 10 albums out already! What an incredible feat that is! And here we are in 2015 and it’s going to be her first studio album in 7 years!


I remember Janet the most for her superbowl *uhhhmmmm* nip slip, but I also remember how good her voice sounded on her songs! She is really a great pop artist just like her brother was!

janet-jackson--justin-timberlake-1255707120-view-2Don’t do it Justin!!!

The “Scream” video with Michael is so iconic! Check it out:


Janet has done well to hold her own even with a brother like Michael Jackson. She’s done well to break out of his shadow and be seen as not just Michael’s sister, but as an incredibly strong pop artist!

Congrats Janet on your new album & Happy Birthday to you!



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