2015 Billboard Music Awards are tonight!


If you’re looking for a show to watch tonight I’ve got something for you…


…check out the 2015 Billboard Music Awards!

There are many award shows all throughout the year, trust me, I know…but there’s only 3 that I look forward to! The Grammys, the American Music Awards, and the Billboards!

Billboard is super important! Not only does your Music Row Girl read their music news every day, they also track the Top 10, Top 100, and Top 200 songs in the country!

See Billboard’s official website for all that and more: [www.billboard.com]

Tonight the awards will be hosted by one of my favorite rappers of all-time: Ludacris and one of the world’s favorite supermodels/social media personality/wife of John Legend: Chrissy Teigen.


I would totally love to see the awards, but I’m going to be going to see Paramore at the Grand Ole Opry tonight so I won’t be able to HAHA #NashvilleProblems

The show will come to you live from Las Vegas at 8 pm/7 central! I would watch it if I could so because I can’t…I’m going to leave it up to you and to YouTube tomorrow for me 😀

Mariah Carey is currently on her residency in Vegas so naturally she will be in town to perform at the awards tonight and Kanye West is going to close the show!!!


The most impressive part of the show will probably be Taylor Swift’s music video premiere for “Bad Blood” featuring several famous guest stars including Ellen Pompeo, Jessica Alba, Ellie Goulding, Hayley Williams (who I will see tonight!), Lena Dunham, Kendrick Lamar, Lena Dunham, Selena Gomez, Cara Delevigne, and Cindy Crawford among many more!

See her Instagram for more guest stars [instagram.com/taylorswift]

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.41.41 PM


I really do hope it’s a phenomenal music video because she’s been hyping it up so much…so it had better be good!!!

Performances by Britney Spears, David Guetta, Chris Brown, Pitbull, Ed Sheeran, Van Halen, Iggy Azalea, and Nicki Minaj will also take place 😀

Have fun watching the awards tonight guys & I’ll catch up later!

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 3.56.33 PM


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