EDMBiz conference & expo coming in June!


Everyone knows by now that I’m CRAZY about EDM…

BqiSrY-CYAAXZGq_zpsjtmqnatg (1)

…and today I wanted to tell you about the EDMBiz conference & expo!

EDM is my favorite genre of music because it’s larger than life. The DJs, the festivals, the fans, the freedom, and the unity. It has it all!

Little did I know that there has been an EDM Business convention called EDMBiz that’s been going strong since 2012!

In the 4th year celebration of the conference, EDMBiz will be held for three days from June 16-18 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel!

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, pool, skylineI would like to visit the hotel’s pool too!

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO VEGAS!

My inspirations for going include Elvis, the lights of the Vegas strip, the amazing performers/shows, and the gambling. I’m not a huge gambler by any means, but I’m reallyyy good with numbers so I find it to be my duty to try to win big 😉

Welcome to a Vegas Casino where it looks like daytime all the time…

ResortsWorldSentosaCasino1…so you can’t tell what time it is or how long you’ve been gambling!

Yesterday there were announcements that included two different contests for EDMBiz as well as the official opening and closing session speakers for the magical, 3-day event.

The Startup Contest allows 5 startups an opportunity to present their EDM business to high-up industry executives and investors!

>>> Sign up for that one by June 2nd here: edmbiz.com/startup <<<

Then you have the Best Record/A&R Contest that gives aspiring DJs the chance to have a track of their choice signed and released by Insomniac Records whom is well-known in the EDM industry!

>>> Sign up for that one by May 31st here: edmbiz.com/ar <<<

The kick-off party will feature Afrojack and the closing party will feature Alesso! And the list of speakers is insane! Check it out: [edmbiz.com/speakers].

1.5-DSC_7187Afrojack is 6 foot 10 inches tall!

I can’t believe I just heard about this conference or else I’d be going! HAHA I’ve been interested in breaking into the EDM industry for a little while now so it’s time to look up all these speakers and do all the research I can until next year 😀

Congrats to all those attending EDMBiz 2015 & please tweet me!



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