Is Miley Cyrus finally growing up?


Lately I’ve been wondering about Miley Cyrus and I want to uncover…

…whether or not she is actually changing for the better!

I haven’t paid much attention to Miley ever since she started twerking and her last album “Bangerz” was released. She made me bitter and angry that such a talented, deep voice had gone to waste. I was ticked at her!

So now that I’ve been hearing whispers of new things she’s doing, charity work she’s involved in, and new stripped-down versions of songs she’s been singing…I’m getting intrigued again!

It all began a little over 2 weeks ago when Miley started a charity by the name of The Happy Hippie Foundation which essentially is Miss Cyrus’ best efforts to “fight injustice facing homeless youth”.

It’s a wonderful cause and Miley is passionate about it…



So we’ve got philanthropy *check!* What’s next? Well! Remember that she’s a pop singer? HAHA Well she has been singing a little more these days, but it’s not “We Can’t Stop” or any of her other overly-produced songs off Bangerz. Instead we’ve got song after song of MC being her true self with no smoke and mirrors! Can you believe it?! Acoustic?! Miley?! No way!…but wait…Yes way!!!

For me it all began on the finale of Chelsea Lately on August 26, 2014:

I know it’s slow in the beginning, but wait for the belted notes! WOW!

That was one time musically that she got my attention ever since the hair was cut and the twerk heard ’round the world. It took me a while to open up to the possibility of liking her as an artist again until I could believe in what she was doing. Her contributions to music were not her best in my opinion and her image/persona was way too much!

Well now, thanks to Happy Hippie, we were given “Backyard Sessions” that of course featured performances from Miley!

She performed “Different” with the amazing Joan Jett:


And then there was “Don’t Dream It’s Over” with Ariana Grande:


Needless to say, Miley is growing up, but I can’t say what her new album will sound like. She’s a wild horse, but I love when she does some more tame performances like this because she really does have a lovely voice!

Congrats Miley and please make an acoustic album!



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