SoundCloudify for Google Chrome rocks!


I’m always looking for new ways that technology & music merge…


…and today I’m just hearing about a program called SoundCloudify

I’m yet another consumer of music just like you, I love SoundCloud and I love Spotify! I’m a premium subscriber of Spotify for 9.99/month and I have a SoundCloud account that I use frequently to listen to/discover new music!

With that being said, I was very intrigued as I was researching the latest music news today by the word “SoundCloudify”!

It was obvious to me, a professional word creator, what programs they were using by the merger of the words they used.

SoundCloud + Spotify = SoundCloudify

The internet browser that I use to write every single blog post that I write is Google Chrome. I’ve been a supporter of Google since forever and if I had a dollar for every Google search I’ve ever made…I’d be well off 😉

google_chromeGoogle Chrome is the best!

I bring up Chrome because SoundCloudify is a plug-in for it! So if you download SoundCloudify like I just did, you will see this next to your address bar:

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 8.26.27 AMClick on those green sound waves to open SCify!

SoundCloud and YouTube are the sources used to find the music that you search for! Sorry to say that Spotify is not used here, but nonetheless, the developer used part of their name to get noticed which I can’t blame him for.

The plug-in is free and I love that you can use it to search for not only songs on SoundCloud, but that it will find music videos for songs on YouTube for you as well. I love how it’s a one-stop shop for the song/music you’re looking for!

Now yes I get that iTunes/Google Play/Amazon is awesome because you can buy the music you want and such, but what about songs that aren’t on iTunes and a music video search? Well you need YouTube AND SoundCloud for those purposes, y’all! 😀

In Google Chrome, go here to get SCify: []

I’m excited about this new music player & I can’t wait to explore it!

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 12.53.34 PM


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