Paul Cardall creates music to heal hearts!


Sometimes I’m not all about the famous people that everyone knows…


…and today I found an interesting story about the pianist, Paul Cardall!

Paul, though I’m just learning of him today, is an internationally known pianist whose music is creating peace for people of all ages & walks of life.

After being the recipient of a heart transplant in 2009, he decided to stray away from the norm. Instead of creating music for the sake of elevating himself, he stated that his primary goal is: “to create music that helps soften and heal the heart.”

Paul’s goal is not only to be selfless, but also dutiful of him considering what he has been through in his personal life. Mr. Cardall was essentially born with half a heart and after several surgeries and struggle, he underwent a transplant.

maxresdefaultHow amazing is he?!

A lot of people sing about love and love lost and being lost in love, but the heart is not scientifically what controls your passion for others. You and I both know that the heart is used to represent what your soul does. It is a made-up representation of an intangible piece of you. Your soul (who you really are) will remain unchanged after a heart operation…so I think 🙂

Paul was able to maintain his spirit and his innate will to give back to others. He’s a person I would consider to be a hero. He’s an inspiration because music does heal. Even according to a recent study by McGill University they found that: “Music boosts the body’s immune system and is more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety.”

music_heals_every_heart_by_ClaudiaRAWRBetter than prescription drugs?! Alright!!! 😀

“Out of the pain, you’re able to create…and find your purpose,” said Paul. For him, music is a source of healing all on its own.

Our friend Paul has made his mission to be a champion for health by way of healing music. As he describes: “It’s healthy music for a healthy lifestyle. If you want to feel good, this is what you listen to.”

Take a listen to “Israel, Israel God is Calling”:


Paul’s music is a beacon of hope for those who struggle with depression as he himself is struggling with chronic depression. He plays music that is every bit as healing for you & I as it is for him, and that I can deeply appreciate.

> For more info about Paul, check out his website at <

Thank you Paul for making a difference in peoples’ lives with your music. The size of your heart never depleted the love you chose to share.

I love stories like Paul’s and I too believe that music heals!

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