John Oates is in search of Roots music!


John Oates of the famous duo Hall & Oates is no one-trick pony…


…and in fact, he’s very active in finding the new music stars to come!

I’ve been hearing how interested Mr. Oates has been in meeting, developing, and nurturing new artists/bands ever since a Nashville friend of mine told me how he had worked with her and her band. What a cool guy, indeed!

I was happy to have seen John when he came to speak at Belmont back a little while ago when I was a student. He was so kind and we even got a selfie! Where that photo is right now I cannot say, but I’ll keep looking HAHA

So basically John has been working on finding the best new artists and bands for a little while now and he’s starting to take that process to the next level with a TV show! 😀

In 2010, John and his wife moved to Nashville and over the past 30 years he’s been making waves in Music City by writing with some of the most prolific songwriters in the biz! He’s written over the years with Jimmy Wayne, Jon Randall, Jim Lauderdale, Sam Bush, and Vince Gill!

I’m conVinced after seeing his concert…

Vince Gill…Vince Gill is amazing!

A new TV show featuring Oates himself called “Good Road to Follow” will be airing soon on a network that’s still to be determined!

Good Road to Follow is a show that will follow John as he drives through the back roads of America in search of unique “characters, towns, local food and most importantly, American roots music”.

Sounds like an interesting show to me!

Oates said in a public statement: “Two things that have really defined my life over the years are the road and roots music, so this is my chance to combine those two forces into a show that will allow viewers to come along with me on a unique journey.”

The music is promised to be raw and organic and each episode involves him teaming up with the musicians to essentially produce and then perform their songs with them! How cool is that?!

organic-1-650x186Organic music is natural & earthy…much like organic food 🙂

Hall & Oates used to travel from on city to the next in a used Pontiac GTO that belonged to John Oates dad so you can’t say that he doesn’t know humble music when he hears it!

Congrats John on your new show & I can’t wait to watch it!



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