Music City Walk of Fame adds Loretta Lynn & Jack White!


Nashville is a very special place and on Tuesday they added two stars…

…to the Music City Walk of Fame!

Experimental musician, Jack White and Country Music legend, Loretta Lynn were in downtown Nashville together on Tuesday for their induction ceremony into the Music City Walk of Fame!

That particular walk of stars is located around the Country Music Hall of Fame and was expanded to 63 with the addition of White & Lynn!

Many onlookers gathered round to see the star ceremony in order to catch a glimpse of the famous pair. Loretta presented Jack’s star to him and Jack presented Loretta’s star to her!

Loretta+Lynn+Jack+White+Inducted+Nashville+PXq4kYxS3talThey sure are cute together!

Jack took it upon himself to produced Loretta’s 2004 album Van Lear Rose (which won a Grammy for best country album) and since then the pair has been inseparable…even performing together for Jack’s concert in Nashville earlier this year! Loretta was his opening act in Music City!

Check out their performance of “Portland Oregon” in Nashville:


In his induction speech to Nashville and to Loretta, Jack said: “I don’t have anything prepared, but when it comes to talking about Loretta Lynn, I don’t really need to prepare anything. I love her so much, I could talk for hours about her. One time an interviewer asked me, ‘Jack, what’s your favorite book, song and movie?’ And I said, ‘That’s easy. ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter.'”

lorettalynn_historyHe’s so nice to say that about her!

When Loretta talked about Jack at the ceremony, she said: “He’s been here in Nashville for a little while. He didn’t have to be here too long for you to understand that we needed him, really. Nashville needed Jack White. And I think he’s one of the greatest artists there is.”

There is obviously mutual love and respect between Loretta & Jack! It’s such a beautiful friendship between an almost 40 year old guy and an 83 year old lady! Who would have thought they would have anything in common?!

In his acceptance speech for his star on the Music City Walk of Fame, Jack said: “I hope I’m too young to get something like this. This is really a big honor and it speaks volumes about Nashville … that you would accept, for example, what we’ve done with Third Man Records here in this city and accept it so well, nurture it and help us make something come alive. We’re so honored to be here every day, and we know that there’s only one town in the world where we could have done this, and that’s Nashville, Tennessee. This is a very difficult time for music in the last decade and I urge everybody here to do everything they can to support local artists and buy their records and keep music sacred.”

Jack’s view on music is quiet pure and passionate. He’s crazy about encouraging others to support musicians, artists, and bands! It’s a beautiful thing!

Congratulations Jacketta on your stars & keep on singing together!


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