Fleetwood Mac are talking about a new album!


Fleetwood Mac is one of the best bands of all-time and now…


…they are in talks about recording & releasing a brand new album!

Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks are currently on their On with the Show world tour and in the latest news…I’m hearing rumblings of a possible album on the way!

Mick has said that he’d like to see the band record another album because they have “a sh*tload of new songs”, but Stevie Nicks doesn’t share the same amount of gusto about it!

According to Stevie: “Honestly, I just don’t know about it. This tour has been so hard and so breathtakingly overwhelming. I have to look great, I have to feel great, I have to sound great. And I cannot be thinking about future albums or poetry or songs right now.”

stevie-nicks-kristin-burns-billboard-650-2Stevie is phenomenal so I’m sure touring takes a lot out of her!

Nicks went on to say: “Now we have Europe to conquer. It’s really important that we are spectacular. And that’s all that I can worry about right now.”

I love how she says “conquer” like it’s a piece of land you’d be fighting over in the olden days HAHA I can understand her focus though and I’m happy to see her so interested in being the best for all their fans all over the world!

Mick turns 68 this month and has not let his passion for the band fall to the wayside. Just check out him playing with them recently!

Mick is a drummer and his solos are so full of life:


Since their last album was released in 2003, I guess you could say that it’s time for something new, but how exactly could you enjoy something brand new unless it was congruent with the band’s personal style of music? That’s the great divide. You’ve got to stay consistent with your sound if you want the fans to be a fan of your next album. Take notes, Fleetwood! 😀

No matter what they decide, I’m still a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac!



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