YouTube is trying to be the next music label!


This is no news to me, but it’s been brought to my attention again that…


…YouTube is trying to be the greatest new music label!

YouTube has been instrumental in helping new artists and bands get known! I’m sure that every one of you knows that! I’m impressed by not only the amount of stars that have come from there but also the quality of them!

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.01.49 PMMacklemore, Karmin, AND Justin Bieber…to name a few!

YouTube is trying to grow in the music business by weakening the power of record labels in the process.

A new project called YouTube for Artists will include direct marketing to artists that in turn helps them to better connect with their fans!

The goal is to get the artists discovered and to grow their careers! This new process will be done through using Google analytics in order to help the artists find out where their biggest fans live and then they will find venues to host concerts near their biggest fans!

google-analyticsI can’t say enough good things about Google!

YouTube wants their artists to know that their viewership and pin-pointing super fan technology will help get their songs to mainstream radio! They think that with a local fan base, a radio programmer will be happy to add that song to their rotation…which I think is actually true 😀

A YouTube executive said: “Labels are investing billions every year — it’s risk money on unproven talent. Applying global marketing and artist development expertise can’t be replaced by algorithms and data scientists.”

I would say he’s right! Data is one of the most useful, yet underused tools that we have and if the labels don’t use it more…YouTube will prevail.

Congrats YouTube on your growth in the music industry & good luck!



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