Apple will announce streaming music service today!


It’s been a long time coming ever since the merger of Beats & Apple…


…but now, TODAY, Apple is finally announcing their streaming service!

If you can recall, toward the end of May 2014, Apple purchased Beats Electronics for a reported $3 Billion! Fast-forward to a little over a year later, and today we are finally getting the announcement we’ve all been waiting for! Yes, that’s the one! Apple’s music streaming service!

cook-dre-jimmyEven Dr. Dre was all smiles that day! 😀

I’m excited to hear the details…How much money per month? How many songs are available? Can I get the app on my Android phone?…Etc!

The thing is…why has it taken an entire year for this to happen?! C’monnn!!!!!

The short version I’m assuming would be that they wanted to watch the streaming market closely while they developed a super streaming service to knock the competition out like Mayweather on fight night.


It’s called the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and it will be on live stream today from San Francisco at 10 am California time, so that will be 12 pm for my fellow Nashvillians!

>>> WATCH IT HERE: [] <<<

I’m hearing that Apple Music will be looking to achieve 100 million paid subscribers which is quite an amazing feat considering Spotify has 15 million!

Can they do it? We’ll have to wait and see!

Tune in to the WWDC today & let’s watch music streaming change!



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