Madonna is making her own version of Bad Blood!


I love Madonna! She’s edgy. She’s almost 57. She kissed Drake. And now…

…she’s giving Taylor Swift a run for her money with an epic music video!

The news is all over Twitter today, yes that Donald Trump is running for President, but also that Madonna has a star-studded cast lined up for her newest music video for the song “Bitch I’m Madonna”.

She’s Madonna! 😀

Katy Perry. Rita Ora. Miley Cyrus. Nicki Minaj. AND Beyonce?! I mean that sounds like the same party guest list that I use, but they never show up because they’re always busy! LOL Well, not for long! I hope!!

All those ladies are friends of Madge, but heck! Why wouldn’t they be?! Madonna is the richest artist in the music business with a net worth of $800 million! She’s technically the idol for any female artist to emulate!

And well…



Alright already! I know you’re sick of me saying it, but I’ve got to say that when it comes to trailblazers, look no further than her Madgesty! I rest my case and I’m moving Taylor Swiftly along…

Hey! Speaking of Taylor Swift! Aren’t you kinda peeved for her that Madonna chose to use the same coloration for her marketing photo as Tay Tay used for her video “Bad Blood”?! I say “Rip-off” and “The claws are out!”

Now granted, her font isn’t red…

cindy-crawford…but there is red involved and the ladies are in Black & White!

I’ve gotta drop “Bad Blood” here because I can’t let you not see it!


I can’t blame Madonna for trying to start a war with Taylor, because well, it’s all for social media attention and to get people talking about it and she’s the queen of shock!

Coming soon is all I know, but I can’t wait to see it! Let the games begin!


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