Tori Kelly makes friends out of fans in Nashville!


On Tuesday night I got to see an artist I’ve been loving so much…


…the acoustic singer/songwriter known as Tori Kelly 🙂

Tori is special. She’s been building a fan-base for a long time now since she began putting up YouTube videos of her singing other people’s popular songs. I say that because “cover songs” tend to confuse people, so there we go! Now you know!

TK has been unstoppable lately with her performance at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards that just took place on May 17th! That was Tori’s time in the sun where she got to show her stuff to millions. She was phenomenal, showstopping, and the talk of the town.

And then she received rave reviews from her peers:

Esheeran JBieber JLegend

Now that’s what I call some star-studded supporters!!! 😀

That performance of her hot new single, “Nobody Love” stopped the world like Beyonce’s digital surprise album!

Check out her BBMA performance of Nobody Love here:


I had known of Tori before the 2015 BBMAs thanks to my close eye on my pop boy wonder, Justin Bieber, since they share the same manager/mentor found in the incomparable Scooter Braun.

Getting in line on Tuesday night at the Cannery Ballroom wasn’t easy and that’s because you had to walk I’d say about a quarter mile to reach the end of it!

See for yourself:

20150616_193609That brick building up yonder is where the show was held!

So after the pre-show workout, we all got ready for a night of acoustic music that started as all the fans piled into and heard songs by a singer-songwriter from Ireland:

DSC05450Gavin James

Gavin was alright, but he wasn’t my cup of tea. I kept saying to those around me, “There’s already a ginger, acoustic singer-songwriter!” and well THERE IS! It should already go without saying, but his name is Ed Sheeran. So there’s no doubt that Gavin has some major competition all because of his choice not to dye his hair. That’s all I’m saying, but a quick 30 minute set before Tori Kelly and opening up for Sam Smith this year is success for him, or hey, for anyone!

The crowd got a little restless after a 15 minute break between sets. It put us at 9 o’clock and 5 minutes later, the crowd chanted “TORI! TORI! TOOOOORIII!” and lo and behold, the band and Tori took the stage 🙂


She started off with a beautiful intro of “Where I Belong” which could only be fitting for the Where I Belong Tour! Then there was her brand new song “Expensive” that was released less than a day ago to preface her upcoming album. Might I just say that I much prefer the live version of that song! The recorded pales in comparison to it!

Then a smooth transition into the fun little diddy “Unbreakable Smile”, a brand new song called “Anyway”, and a snippet of the 1998 Lauryn Hill hit “Doo-Wop (That Thing)”.

Tori was all smiles when she spoke to the crowd and told us, “My album comes out really soon, guys! It comes out in one week actually!” She held her pointer finger up with pride as she said “1 week” again! 😀

Next was a throwback to 2012 as Tori sang the gorgeous song “Confetti”. In it, she sings:

‘Cause people seem to think
That you’ll be happier, once you reach the top
You’ll have it all
But I’m livin for right now
‘Cause what if tomorrow never comes
I’m not waitin’, I’m not waitin’
For the confetti to fall


What a wonderful message! That song holds a special place in my heart for the simple songs that say so much with so little!

Next we had a snippet of “Paper Hearts”, followed by a new song that I believe is called “First Heartbreak”. To my surprise, Tori took a break to talk to the crowd about how she saw the world and she said: “Nobody’s purpose is bigger or better than another person’s purpose…I believe we all have a part in this thing.”


So then I decided we could be BFFs & I’d like to hangout with her!

The show continued on with two new songs: “City Dove” and “Beautiful Things”. Then Tori took a poll by share of hands for: “anybody who’s ever watch a YouTube video of mine”. Every hand in the room shot up and she responded with “this is for YOU!”. She went into a medley of her YouTube cover songs that included Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie”, Michael Jackson’s “PYT”, and Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin Bout You”.

To the whole crowd’s surprise, Tori invited some very special Nashville guests to the stage: Dan + Shay! I love those guys and am so proud of how far they’ve come! Shay joked that he asked Tori to marry him and she said no! LOL

DSC05540As a delightful trio they sang Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”

The show rounded out with an unforgettable cover of Alanis Morissette’s “Crazy”, a stellar version of Atlanta’s famous Christian rapper, Lecrae’s song “Give In” featuring Lecrae himself!, a new song from her upcoming album called “Talk”, “Should’ve Been Us”, and an encore featuring “All In My Head”, “Dear No One”, and of course: “Nobody Love”.

DSC05555You need to know Lecrae! []

All in all, I was very impressed by Tori! She was so sweet to her fans and at the end of the night you really felt the love from her for each and every one of us. It was a special feeling I won’t forget. She was very grateful and more humble than most artists I’ve come to know over the years. At 22, she’s an elegant young lady with a spectacular voice!

Sorry guys that I couldn’t post this last night like I should have!!! I’ve been battling a 102 fever for what was the 4th night last night and after work I was lifeless and unable to finish this post!

“Better late than never, but never late is better!” – Drake

Check out my best photos of Tori from the night before you go and do not forget to get your own copy of her debut full-length album “Unbreakable Smile” next Tuesday, June 23rd!

Thank you Tori for making me feel like a friend!

DSC05510DSC05458DSC05504 DSC05490DSC05457


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