will.i.am. says technology is ruining the music industry!


I was very shocked today when I heard that will.i.am. thought that…

…technology is ruining the music industry!

The frontman of arguably one of the most futuristic bands of all-time is saying that technology is the bane of the music industry?! Say it ain’t so!

Will is of course the leader of The Black Eyed Peas and lately he’s been dogging on technology and its relationship with music.

Ironically, as my eyes were scanning the music news of today, I had a conversation with myself about how tired I am of writing about technology. This isn’t a tech blog by any means, but it has been an impossibility for me to not mention tech as it applies to music.


Apple Music, Beats, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Snapchat, OH MY!

Technology is everywhere in the music industry and it has gotten to the point where me and Mr. i.am are sick and tired of it!

will.i.am recently said, “Music will always be music. Whether or not there is an industry is questionable. I don’t really know how we make money moving forward because of the tsunami called mad tech — there was mad men and now there’s mad tech, it transforms everything.”

will-i-am1Dude has a point!

According to will, the tech tsunami “toppled our industry to the point of, how do we make money?” He went on to say: “People still listen to music more than they ever have before, but we have no hardware of our own.”

I see his argument and he’s right. How do you sell somebody a product that they already have for free? Such as YouTube, SoundCloud, or a free Spotify account in which you pay nothing for a monthly subscription.

It’s no doubt that intellectual property has taken a major hit in the 20th century, because the respect for IP is not there.

The concept of “free” is that in which “If I can get it for free, why would I pay for it?” That may be a rational way of thinking, but when intellectual property is involved, it’s the same as stealing in my humble opinion. Yet I don’t see how preaching about paying for a product that people can easily access for free already can be effective.


So the “product” is not concert tickets and artists/bands must do all that they can through social media to create a voice for themselves as well as a band of loyal followers (“fans”) who will come to their shows all over the world. Music is property, yes. However, people would rather pay $100 to see their favorite artist/band play live than pay $9.99 on iTunes to purchase their album. It doesn’t make sense financially, but the live concert experience is one that comes at a premium price…certainly much more than a new album!

will said regarding technology’s newest hero, Snapchat’s creator Evan Spiegel: “The real rock star is the guy from Snapchat. Rock stars are people that bring people together. Yeah, we could fill up a stadium, but that guy aggregates so many eyeballs.”


I can’t agree with him more! Snapchat is revolutionary in social media and I cannot wait to watch it grow and grow into something even better! The very thought of a better Snapchat might just keep me up at night 😀

The point being, will is right and I have been thinking about this a lot myself. Although perhaps technology enables more & quicker connection and the product is now the concert ticket…which is highly valuable to any & every fan!

Thank you will.i.am. for speaking up & let’s create revenue streams together!



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