Zane Lowe launches Apple’s radio station Beats 1!


If you’ve been under a rock lately you wouldn’t know that…


…Apple launched Apple Music & the radio station Beats 1 yesterday!

But I’m just guessing you don’t live under a rock and you read Music Row Girl every day as you should ūüôā

Speaking of Apple, can you believe that June 30th already came and went and that not just Apple Music was launched (on both iPhones AND Androids), but also, Apple launched a global radio station that runs 24 hours a day with fresh programming?!

Beats 1 is Apple’s answer to a radio station that never stops and provides listeners with hot new music as well as a seasoned radio host!


Zane Lowe is a 41 year old New Zealand born radio DJ who made a name for himself as the host of BBC’s Radio 1. He was the evening host of that station from¬†2002 til this year before Apple swooped him up and brought him on board for Beats 1 radio!

Everyone is harping on how Zane did in the first hour of his radio debut with Apple & Beats, so take a listen for yourself since someone captured the highlights from the first hour on SoundCloud:


>>> <<<

And also, here’s a list of the first 10 songs that Zane played:

1. “City” by¬†Spring Kings
2. “Dreams” by Beck
3. “Gosh” by¬†Jamie XX
4. “Shutdown” by¬†Skepta
5. “For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” by¬†AC/DC
6. “Warriors” by¬†Hudson Mohawke
7. “Freedom” by¬†Pharrell Williams
8. “Dead Fox” by¬†Courtney Barnett
9. “Under Neon Lights” by¬†The Chemical Brothers
10. “On The Regular” by¬†Shamir

Just between us…I’ve never heard any of those songs before! HAHA However, I think that’s the point because if there’s one thing I can appreciate about the UK is that they are way better fans of music than we are! People find it much easier to break into the scene in the UK than in the US because the market is so tough here and the fans in the UK are much more accepting of trying new things…including new artists, bands, songs, and sounds! ūüėÄ

heart_uk_flagI love the UK & the UK loves me!

That’s what Zane is doing in my opinion. He’s introducing the US to more global music inclusion and not the same old Top 40 model that we’re accustomed too. He brings an important asset to Apple & Beats and that is his ability to update the musical senses of those who are used to staying inside the box that the radio has built for them.¬†It’s bold, but it’s also brilliant!

And by the way, it feels so weird to even say Beats when Apple has purchased them because those companies are now one and the same!


Beats + Apple = Bapple?

Zane called the hottest song in the world “The World Record” and yesterday’s was “Freedom” by¬†Pharrell Williams.

Stay on the lookout for Zane’s first interview today!

The interview with Eminem airs today! Don’t miss it and keep with the time of that interview by checking up with Zane on twitter! (

I can’t wait to download Apple Music on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 today and get started! Who knows what I might find ūüôā

Congrats Zane on your Beats 1 debut! I know you’ll do a great job!



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