Amy Winehouse’s unheard songs have been destroyed!


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that Amy Winehouse’s songs…


…from her third album have been destroyed!

When I hear about stuff like this I’m unsure of whether to brush it off or to be irate! I mean it’s not like we wouldn’t like the songs or would care if they weren’t mastered and “album-ready”, right?!

Welp! We all have David Joseph to thank or more like, to blame, for this outcome. David is the chairman & CEO of Amy’s former label, Universal Music U.K.

David-Joseph-of-Universal-007I would lay low for a few days if I were him!

David took it upon himself to destroy the demos for her third full-length album because, and I quote: “It was a moral thing. Taking a stem or a vocal is not something that would ever happen on my watch. It now can’t happen on anyone else’s.”

Thanks to my friends about, a “Demo” is:

“A sample recording of your music. Usually, demos are rough recordings of songs and often do not include an entire album’s worth of material. Demos are frequently sent by bands to record labels to try and land a deal.”


I’m unsure of whether David did all of us Amy fans a service or not. I have some friends who wouldn’t dare hear a Michael Jackson song that he didn’t approve of while he was alive to be released, and then there are people like me who want to hear it all! Rough cuts & unfinished songs. All!

According to sources, Amy had plans to work with her superstar producers on her third album! She had planned on a new solo album and even booked studio time with them!

Of course I’m talking about:


Mark Ronson & Salaam Remi

According to Salaam: “She probably finished the writing ­process a few weeks before she passed. As far as I could see, we had 14 songs. Whatever needed to happen, it was right there.”

He did allow Amy’s estate to use a recording of her reciting the lyrics to an unreleased song “You Always Hurt the Ones You Love.”

Whatever it’s worth, I’m not so sure that it was wise to destroy the demos from Amy’s third album. Whether or not they could have been used to be released as a new album or musical project, at least the recitation of the lyrics could have been used in memory of her life and her musical legacy. I agree with Mr. Remi on this one. It’s best to share her creative works for good no matter whether they sound perfectly mixed and mastered. It’s just another look into the heart of an artist that mesmerized the world with her voice.

Third album demos or not, Amy will always live on in my musical heart!



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