Garth Brooks rakes in $90 million for coming back!


It’s hard for me to even fathom $90 million dollars to my name, but…

…that’s not the case for the legendary cowboy known as Garth Brooks!

You know there are few artists that are “first-name artists”. What I mean by that is when I say “Garth” everyone knows who I’m talking about. That’s powerful. That’s branding. That’s what every artist wants.

Despite no last name necessity, Garth is KILLING IT with a comeback of all comebacks and I’m here like this:

H1vWl…mouth agape just like Patrick Star!

The reason for my dumbfoundedness is because Garth made…I don’t know if you’re ready…are you?

I can’t hold this news in any longer! Garth made:



Not 9. Not 19. Not 50. But 90 million! Holy smokes! Heaven sakes alive! I think that is some of the most epic news to hit Nashville since the news that the Ryman will be hosting Dolly Parton concerts on July 31st and August 1st this year! Don’t even get me started on ticket prices of those sold-out gems! I’m starting to sell my kidneys in preparation! LOL 😀

kidneysKidneys? I’m willin’ to parton’ with em!

The point being, Garth is Growing in wealth, status, and popularity! Now granted, I knew people were going to his shows, but I’m still so surprised at 90 million! I can’t get that figure out of my head and for someone who loves numbers, it’s not often that one day, one number is all I can bear to think about for the rest of the day! HAHA No kidding!

Garth is the King of Country again and to be honest, I wouldn’t have noticed that being in Nashville because the “hype”, the Twitter buzz, and the talk is not about him. That sounds cynical for a huge GB fan like me to say, but I’m just trying to tell yah that Garth isn’t exactly BIG here, but hey! The numbers don’t lie!

I’m still waiting on my Nashville shows and I’ll wait a little longer I guess! He was signed to Sony Music Nashville for his comeback so you’ve gotta know that Nashville concerts will be announced very, very soon!


Congrats to new CEO, Randy Goodman!  []

Garth has found his last ride into the sunset to be fruitful to say the least! He’s been ranked on Forbes as Country Music’s Top Earner with $90 million and that data was retrieved for his earnings from June 2014 through May 2015!

The top musician on the 2015 World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities Forbes list is Katy Perry who earned the #3 spot with her impressive earnings of $135 million! #1 and #2 go to the best boxers of all: Floyd Mayweather at $300 million and Manny Pacquiao at $160 million!

Floyd-Mayweather-and-Manny-Pacquiao-press-conferenceI love Floyd, but he doesn’t smile nearly enough! LOL

Garth Brooks brought his net worth to around $200 million which I think might be an old figure before this report came out, so I would say around $300 million might be more accurate!

I’m so stunned by Garth’s comeback in numbers WAY MORE than I am by the buzz he’s created in Music City! I guess this proves #1 that there are still Garth super fans out there and #2 that he’s not all washed up like a lot of people thought he was! He’s here to stay for one last goodbye and I’m proud to say that he’s proved a lot of people in Nashville and abroad wrong!

Congrats to my buddy Garth! I can’t wait to see you perform in Nashville!

Garth-Brooks (1)


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