Ariana Grande hates America?


You know something, there’s a pop diva who’s under fire right now…

…for saying “I hate America! I hate Americans!”

Ariana Grande (as seen in the photo above) is a sweet girl or so I thought. Well, let’s give her a chance here!

I haven’t taken the time to sift through what was said or what context it was used in. There have been other music news stories grabbing my attention in the meantime although today, the hundreds of news stories about Ariana Grande are too difficult for me to ignore!

Oh and I’m so sorry guys for not posting yesterday! It was such a bummer when I got home from work and discovered I had no internet and no way of getting any WiFi after I sat down to write at 9:30ish. It’s a bummer, but today I’m back to the keys and typing away 🙂

Now…back to the story!

Video footage was released of one of my favorite pop princesses saying “I hate America! I hate Americans!” and those quotes have just about broken the internet like Caitlyn Jenner did!

So now we see the PR team scramble and tell Ariana to apologize no matter the context in which it was said. And here we are 5 days after the 4th of July in which we celebrate the birthday of America and you say you hate IT and Americans themselves?! Oh no! That’s going to need some MAAAYYYJOR damage control, Miss Grande!

largeBut it’s also necessary!

AriGran was caught on security cameras at Wolfee Donuts shop with one of her background dancers and her rumored boyfriend Ricky Alvarez which to me seems pretty early to me after her breakup with Big Sean in April, but hey! To each their own!


Then what happened in that donut shop was apparently captured on the security cameras and has gone viral!

The three friends licked donuts before purchasing them (which I’m unsure how that is possible since they are behind a glass case) and Ariana turned to  her friend and said that comment that I’ve already dropped twice already! HAHA

“I hate America. I hate Americans!”

Ariana immediately apologized publicly once these comments were made known and she said on Twitter:


I appreciate her apology very much!

She promised to be more careful and to strive better which I think is commendable!

The words are shocking, but if we are being clear here: Ariana Grande does not hate America or Americans. She hates our food industry, our fast food chains, our toxic food on grocery store shelves, and our lack of care for change and educating our children about the rights and wrongs and lifetime effects of our food choices. So in that case, I agree with her!

And I’ll go ahead and let it go that her health food comments came after a donut shop run because nobody can deal with total junk food deprivation. Depriving your body isn’t good in the long run either! 😉

Thank you Ariana for the apology & just be more careful next time!



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