Garrison Keillor is retiring from A Prairie Home Companion!


I can’t believe I’m saying this but Garrison Keillor is…


…retiring from Prairie Home Companion!

Hey guys! Sorry for playing hooky again, but I was still doing the ever-dreaded thing you all refer to as “moving” and then yesterday my car crapped out after hitting yet another country pothole. Better late than never, so here I come…

You may not know this about me, but I was once the biggest Lindsay Lohan fan in the world at large. I saw all her movies and owned her albums…yes she sings too! HAHA

Well I just brought up LiLo to say that she was my first link to Garrison Keillor because she was one of the many actors featured in the movie A Prairie Home Companion which came out in 2006. Garrison is the host of a real live radio variety show of the same name which was the inspiration for the film 🙂

A-Prairie-Home-Companion-lindsay-lohan-152999_1024_768Lindsay is in the cowboy hat, of course!

At 72 years old, Garrison just announced that he is stepping down as the host of APHC which is the radio show he created and fostered for 4 decades!

That famous baritone voice that everyone knows and loves is heard by 4 million listeners nationwide on 700 public radio stations…and that’s every week!


Garrison said: “I have a lot of other things that I want to do. I mean, nobody retires anymore. Writers never retire. But this is my last season. This tour this summer is the farewell tour.”

It’s been confirmed and I can be happy to say that my mom and dad took me to see a live taping of A Prairie Home Companion at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota. That was when I was looking at colleges early as a junior so I’d say about 8 years ago in 2007! GK read my joke from the stage:

“Where do boats go when they’re sick?……The dock!”

A cheeky one-liner, I know, but he said my name live on the air and my hometown which was oh so exciting!

I’d say 40 years dedicated to any job or any project is an honor and I congratulate Garrison!

Happy Trails to you, my friend! Your legacy will live on forever!



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