Drake has the first platinum album of 2015!


Drake is a staple in my music life and I’m proud to say that today…


…he now has the first platinum album of the year!

Y’all know I’m a Drake fan and he’s the most influential rapper of the past 5 years without a doubt, but did you know that he’s also become the first artist to score a platinum album in 2015?

Well, now you know because he’s done just that with his album, more like mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late!!!


I’m so proud of Drake (always have been and always will be) and I’ve got to say that his album is well deserving to take the prize!

“Platinum” of course means 1 million albums sold and that prize was claimed by Drake AKA Mr. Aubrey Graham himself yesterday when the numbers came in.

The last platinum album was clenched in November 2014 and belonged to Taylor Swift! You all know how HUGE 1989 was/is! I still can’t get over it!


What’s pretty cool about this news is that this is Drake’s 4th platinum album in a row! I’ve gotta hand it to him! He’s on fire 😀

Drake is planning to release Views from the 6, his highly anticipated new album later this year and I’m sure that one will go platinum too! HAHA I mean, why not?!

As for the future of music, the sales of music seem to lessen majorly as Spotify, Apple Music, and all other music streaming services become the new norm. Tickets to concert tours have become the latest stream for income although I would like to see revenue paid to songwriters for the music as well, wouldn’t we all?

Regardless of future album sales, Congrats Drake on your success!



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