Let’s talk about Justin Bieber, shall we?


Over the course of the past few days, I’ve had Bieber on the brain…


…so I’d like to talk to y’all about him & his comeback!

Justin, Justin, JUSTIN! Bieber is back with a vengeance and he’s being noticed by the entire music industry! He’s not Taylor Swift-famous, although nobody else really is at this point, but he’s making waves nonetheless.

I’m sorry guys for another few days in between blog posts!! I’ve just honestly been busy getting back on the horse…the healthy one that is…so that I can continue to lose weight and feel great. Little did I know that proper sleep, meal prep, and weaning myself off coffee little by little would be part of it! HAHA 😀 September 1st was meant to be the grand transition, but it didn’t feel right since I had nothing prepared and ready to go. I started yesterday (Sept 2nd) officially so I’m rolling into a new schedule here, so thanks for bearing with me!

Anywho! Justin Bieber has been hyping up the release of his new single “What Do You Mean?” for 30 days with an impressive Instagram campaign with his closest and most famous friends…

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.41.10 AM

Luke Bryan, Ellen, & Britney Spears to name a few!

Bieber had the crew all rooting for him and last Friday, the single was released and much to nobody’s surprise…I love it! It’s a very simple song, but it has Biebz back in his Jack Ü vibe from his last song to hit airwaves “Where Are Ü Now” featuring the DJ team Skrillex & Diplo (known at Jack Ü).

Both songs are simple, yet elegant. I love the new, chill vibe that Justin has for us and hint hint…all his fans do too! I’m even alleging that the Biebz has made more fans due to his chill pill music! It’s gotta be true!

And let’s not forget the songs from the very beginning of JB’s cool-down…

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.10.22 AM

“Hard 2 Face Reality” feat. Poo Bear & “Home To Mama” w/Cody Simpson!

These songs to me are spectacular because they showcase that at the end of the day, Justin Bieber is a songwriter and sometimes all the haters forget that!

The latest news to hit Biebertown is that JB cried at the VMAs after he performed for the first time on the show in 5 years! He performed a medley of “Where Are Ü Now” and his latest jam “What Do You Mean?”.

Check out that epic performance here:


I really do think that he’s being sincere and it’s not for the ratings! He’s a sensitive guy and he was really overcome by the love and support he’s had during his comeback. I’m sure the road has been exciting for him as all these high profile celebrities are trying to convince us all to stop picking on him! I like where this is going! HAHA 😀

I’m really excited for Justin’s new album and he has just confirmed to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that it will be coming out on November 13th!!!

Bieber is back & I’m happy to see him reach his full potential!



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