Danity Kane will release new album after all!


Danity Kane broke up on August 8th, but before I went to bed last night I saw…

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.37.40 PM

…a status update from lead singer Aubrey O’Day with news from the band!

I was shocked to hear anything about Danity Kane because in my mind they were no longer a band and weren’t going to be. The last two surviving members, Aubrey & Shannon, were devastated that they couldn’t stay together with their former member Dawn Richard for the fans’ sake.

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Their comeback single “Lemonade” was all I thought that I would ever hear from the girl group upon their exit from music, but today Aubrey & Shannon have released a new single called “Rhythm Of Love”!

>>> Take a listen to the new song now: soundcloud.com/danity-kane-rhythm-of-love <<<


A new song is the least of my concerns with the news from Aubrey and Shannon. There is no word from Dawn which is confusing because they are promoting Danity Kane’s new album that is already recorded! It’s the same album they said would never be released! HAHA I’m so shocked by this!

So Danity Kane will be releasing a new album called “DK3” on October 28th of this year!

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Aubrey O’Day’s statement is: “Shannon and I haven’t given up on you” so they haven’t told about getting back together with Dawn. I’m just thinking that she’s on the album cover and they wouldn’t be 3 without her so I guess it’s back on! 😀

I hope that Dawn knows about the upcoming album release and is taking part in the reunion if the fight is all water under the bridge now!

The tracklist for DK3 is as follows:

Rhythm of Love
Lemonade (feat. Tyga)
All in a Day’s Work
Tell Me
Two Sides
Secret Lover
Bye Baby

I’ll keep looking for more news about this, and I can’t wait to hear DK3!



Danity Kane announces US tour!


I’m about to explode inside with joy after hearing that my favorite girl group of all-time, Danity Kane, will be going on an official U.S. tour sponsored by Live Nation 😀

danity-kane-poster-650-430So as you can see, the tour will be called “No Filter” and I guess they are trying to say that they will not be holding anything back!

Checkout their tour announcement VIA YouTube:

As we all know, our beloved girl group Danity Kane  announced their return to music last summer minus D Woods who wanted to remain solo.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - ArrivalsLeft to right: Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, Aubrey O’Day, & Dawn Richard

They are officially going to hit the road this summer beginning in May for a 13-date affair throughout the U.S.

So my initial thought when I heard this news was OMG YES and right after that I thought ONLY 13 TOUR DATES?!?!?!?!

I know people, it’s sad but true. Only 13 dates 😦

What I can say is: If I can find a friend crazy enough, I will plan on a 6 hour road trip from Nashville to Charlotte, North Carolina. That probably won’t happen but HEY! It’s my only shot to see Danity Kane and it’s the closest place they are coming to Nashville! 😀


Here is the little list of tour dates for the No Filter tour:

May 16 – San Francisco, CA: The Fillmore
May 18 –  Anaheim, CA: The City National Grove of Anaheim
May 21 – Chicago, IL: House of Blues
May 22 – St. Louis, MO: The Pageant
May 23 – Cincinnati, OH: Bogart’s
May 24 – Detroit, MI: The Fillmore
May 25 – Cleveland, OH: House of Blues
May 28 – Charlotte, NC: The Fillmore
May 30 – Boston, MA: House of Blues
May 31 – Silver Spring, MD: The Fillmore
June 1 – Philadelphia, PA: Theatre of The Living Arts
June 3 – New York, NY: Irving Plaza
June 5 – San Diego, CA: Humphries By The Bay

The Fillmore is a venue in 4 cities! HAHA 😀 Good to know!!!

fillmoresignThere’s my Fillmore in Charlotte 🙂

Check out the many Tweets that the best girl band ever sent out today:

Here is the group’s official press statement: “The symbol for the tour is our unfiltered selfies, a mosaic compiled of over 100,000 unfiltered images that our fans sent in.”

Their message to their fans is: “Danity Kane is doing this for you. We want to give, see, and promote a real, unrestricted, uncensored, unfiltered life! That’s why we make music and that’s the way we want to see the world!”

I love the premise of this tour and the fan involvement in AMAZING! 😀

So as you could see VIA all those band tweets, tickets go on sale FRIDAY and VIP tickets go on sale TOMORROW!!!

Here is the Ticketmaster link for everyone: http://www.ticketmaster.com/search?tm_link=tm_homeA_header_search&aid=1070285&user_input=danity+kane&q=Danity+Kane

I love the whole idea of unfiltered selfies! 😀

Here is the lead singer, Aubrey’s selfie:

Check out my blog about selfies here: http://wp.me/p4hDFH-jE

And check out my blog about Danity Kane here: http://wp.me/p4hDFH-7T

I hope that many of you can get out to one of those 13 cities to see Danity Kane this summer! If I can’t go, I will be on Twitter interacting with fans on those special summer nights 🙂

Let’s never forget DK’s crazy good songs like this one:

Danity Kane set to release new music in 2014!


This year in music is going to be one of THE most exciting years because my favorite girl group of all-time, Danity Kane, is set to release new music!!!

DanityKane_2013I’ve never been a big TV watcher, so I only saw little snippets of their stint on Diddy’s show “Making the Band” on MTV, but I wanted to remind you guys that they were a band formed by Diddy himself!

By the way, Danity Kane was a cartoon figure that one of the girls created and they adopted it as their name! Members include Aubrey O’Day, Dawn Richard, D Woods, Aundrea Fimbres and Shannon Bex.

Danity-Kane-Reuniting-Without-Diddy-DivaWhispersDiddy is an interesting character in music. I remember seeing him on TV once where he was in a recording studio saying “Yo! Hey everybody, I’ve been working so hard and haven’t slept in 3 days.” That admission was crazy to me, but hey – there are only so many hours to promote hit records from a girl group in a day so I can understand!

Anyways, Danity Kane has since split from Diddy due to a rough turn of events. I can remember watching the season finale of Making the Band 4 on October 14, 2008 where Diddy basically told the lead singer Aubrey O’Day that she could stick it where the sun don’t shine for being too overtly sexual and trying to increase her fame while disbanding the group. Then Aubrey’s BFF in the group D Woods said that it wasn’t fair so Diddy said, well then you can go with her! That was an ice cold meeting and I’m not sure how much sleep Diddy was lacking either. 😦

aubreyAubrey and D Woods

So my favorite member Aubrey and my least favorite D Woods were axed and on the live version of the finale none of the girls said anything about reuniting! Just break my heart then! haha Oh gosh!!!

Well with the disbandment there was a strange season of Making the Band in which Dawn and Aundrea were still on the show and the first episode Shannon was like “Hey, I’m going home to my husband.” So as the lights flickered out, it was just Dawn and Aundrea. They eventually ended the group officially because how can you actually go from 5 members to 2 and be considered a group?!

Well there was that and the fact that Diddy was creating a new project called Diddy – Dirty Money that includes two females for support, one of which was singer-songwriter Kalenna Harper and the other was Dawn Richard of Danity Kane.

Coming Home written by the genius Skylar Grey was the biggest song to come from that short group stint.

I even bought a ticket to their show, but they canceled the whole tour.

Meanwhile, the only other girl putting herself in the public spotlight was Aubrey O’Day. She had a show on Oxygen called “All About Aubrey” where they were filming her comeback and her coming into her own as a solo artist.

Aubrey-ODay-Season-1-All-About-Aubrey-PromotionThe show was wild, seemingly unscripted, and too good to look away. None of the songs I was so excited for made it out alive for purchase except for the awesome “Automatic” and a song called “Wrecking Ball”…that song won’t see increased sales thanks to Miley’s takeover of that title! haha

There were songs like “Goodbye Heartbreak” and “Hitchhiker” that I was wanted to hear on my iPod, but they didn’t make it. There was also an episode with fellow DK member Aundrea Fimbres in which they were recording a duet called “Ego Trip”. There’s a short preview of that online, but we’ll take what we can get haha

I can’t forget that Aubrey was the breakout star on Celebrity Apprentice!

arsenio-hall-aubrey-oday-clay-aiken-the-celebrity-apprentice-nbcShe was kicked off before reaching the coveted final 2 which was bogus because I think she should have won! We all know she was booted because she intimidated Donald Trump! Well done Aubrey! haha 😀

Originally I thought Danity Kane was awesome because they were an all girl group singing about loving cars…

Then I realized I loved them so much because their harmonies were incredible! It wasn’t just one girl leading and a bunch of background vocals like their rivals The Pussycat Dolls. Each member in DK has their own shine in every song!

This report came out from TMZ in May 2013

Diddy was out and so was D Woods. The same is true to this day because D Woods does not want a part of the group and would rather work on a solo career. I don’t have any problems with that. Best of luck girl!

So it was just reported to MTV that Aubrey is teasing around a possible show this year to coincide with Danity Kane’s comeback. She says they are filming everything! 😀

Aubrey said and I quote, “There’s going to be new music this year, released to the fans, absolutely. How we do it and in what form is still being discussed, and you know, we have deals on the table, we have all kinds of interesting opportunities, we’re trying not to make the same mistakes that we got caught in the first time around, so it’s requiring us to move slowly. It’s requiring us to think out of the box and take bigger risks and getting to that point sometimes takes time.”

This video will have to hold us until then as well as their videos on YouTube from their show at the House of Blues in LA

Meanwhile let me just say that Aubrey O’Day has worked on her body like crazy and looks ridiculously amazing now!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Dress by @WalterCollection ##2014

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I can’t wait for new their music!!!!! Danity Kane is officially back everyone 😀