Justin Bieber covers Drake’s Hotline Bling!


My Monday blues are gone because Justin Bieber…


…has covered Drake’s smash hit “Hotline Bling”!

Hotline Bling has been the hottest song to hit music in I don’t even know how long! For some reason this song has taken off in a social media rocket and zoomed it’s way through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like 🙂

Drake is unstoppable and everybody in the music business knows that. Every artist who’s any artist is capitalizing on his success by covering his hit songs!

Covering as in making, recording, and releasing their own version of it…which I’m sure you knew, but just to clarify for everybody.

Justin Bieber is not above that either, and over the weekend he posted his phone number on Twitter!



And freakout they did! The line was soon tied up as you can imagine and what the line did contain was his version of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”! Sadly, it wasn’t Justin himself answering HAHA but I do think it’s genious that he premiered it on an actual hotline he created for fans to call! That was a smooth move!

Take a listen to that amazing cover song here:


Now you know me, of course I love it! Absolutely obsessing over it and trying to make it my ringtone! LOL

No word on what Drake thinks of it, but we know he’s a devoted Belieber so I can bet that he’s happy with it too!

Thanks Justin for your Hotline Bling! We love it!



Drake has the first platinum album of 2015!


Drake is a staple in my music life and I’m proud to say that today…


…he now has the first platinum album of the year!

Y’all know I’m a Drake fan and he’s the most influential rapper of the past 5 years without a doubt, but did you know that he’s also become the first artist to score a platinum album in 2015?

Well, now you know because he’s done just that with his album, more like mixtape, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late!!!


I’m so proud of Drake (always have been and always will be) and I’ve got to say that his album is well deserving to take the prize!

“Platinum” of course means 1 million albums sold and that prize was claimed by Drake AKA Mr. Aubrey Graham himself yesterday when the numbers came in.

The last platinum album was clenched in November 2014 and belonged to Taylor Swift! You all know how HUGE 1989 was/is! I still can’t get over it!


What’s pretty cool about this news is that this is Drake’s 4th platinum album in a row! I’ve gotta hand it to him! He’s on fire 😀

Drake is planning to release Views from the 6, his highly anticipated new album later this year and I’m sure that one will go platinum too! HAHA I mean, why not?!

As for the future of music, the sales of music seem to lessen majorly as Spotify, Apple Music, and all other music streaming services become the new norm. Tickets to concert tours have become the latest stream for income although I would like to see revenue paid to songwriters for the music as well, wouldn’t we all?

Regardless of future album sales, Congrats Drake on your success!


Drake revives the entire Hip Hop genre!


There are many people I could point to that have positively affected music…


…but I think we need to pause and hear it for Drake!

Aubrey Drake Graham goes by his middle name “Drake” and has proven to the music industry that he’s not only a staple, but a beacon of hope for other artists to get seen and heard.

He’s been going hard at his craft (working on music) since he was making mixtapes (the Hip Hop equivalent to albums) in ’06 and then in 2009 he made a million dollars off the mixtape So Far Gone. Excuse me, I want you to realize that Drake was an unsigned artist and made $1 Million off a mixtape! That’s way out of left field and unheard of! No marketing team, no social media craze, no nothing! Just simply by word of mouth!

When I look at Drake, I see persistence, a dream, and determination. A young rapper from Toronto turned into a global superstar all because he hustled and he got taken under the wing of one of the most respected rappers…

082714-celebs-best-summer-concerts-lil-wayne-drake-vs-performsLil Wayne!

So besides being a protégé, Aubrey found his way up the musical ladder by being passionate and nobody could deny his talent and his art.

You see, Drake took rap back to the most beautiful form: Spoken Word. He brought it back to the days where it was all about speaking your mind, not censoring yourself, and real talk. He brought poetry to the forefront and I can say that the albums and individual songs I’ve heard from him are exhilarating no matter the topic! He has an air about him and he’s too good for words. I cannot say enough good things about Drake and the flavor he has added back into Hip Hop. He made everyone step their game up!

Proof is in the numbers and such is with Drake’s album sales! His first album, Thank Me Later, sold millions of copies and was SO highly anticipated it’s not even funny! Then his sophomore album Take Care sold 4.6 million copies worldwide and the third album Nothing Was the Same sold over 7 million copies worldwide!

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.46.14 PM

The best trilogy since The Lord of the Rings…I’m just sayin’!

I know what you’re thinking! What about:


I know, right?!

Okay so that’s a trilogy + 1 because Drake’s mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late was a smash hit tying a Beatles’ record for having 14 hits on the Billboard 100 at the same time! There are 17 songs on the mixtape…


You do the math! 😀

With great success comes great influence and that’s what Drake has inherited little by little, or more like lot by lot! What I mean is how he is perceived and how he has been able to help the careers of The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, and Ilovemakonnen. All of which were unknown before Drake was featured on their songs and then their career skyrocketed in no time flat!

Picture2Speaking of which, The Weeknd just performed with Taylor Swift…I’m so jealous!

Drake’s 4th studio album Views From the 6 is coming out this year and at the WWDC15 hosted by Apple, he announced in person that he will release it on Apple Music!

Take a look at him taking the WWDC15 stage here:


He’s brought Hip Hop to mainstream as pop artists are welcoming features by rappers at an all-time high. I do feel as if Drake has revived Hip Hop music, and trust me, I think Hip Hop does too!

Congrats Drake on your success! Trust me, none of your contributions go unnoticed!


Drake pulls a Beyoncé with a surprise album!


As you know I’m a Hip Hop music fan, and I’m pleased to hear that Drake…


…has just released a brand new album at midnight last night!

Not only was this album brand new…it was unexpected!!! That’s right, y’all! The amazing rapper Drake “pulled a Beyoncé” which of course means that he released a surprise album right around midnight on a random day with no marketing to preface it!

The album is a full 17 tracks and is called “If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late”


He saved a lot of money in graphic design by hiring the Chick-fil-A cow 😉

This is a pretty big surprise and to be honest if there’s one thing I can’t get enough of…that would have to be Drake songs! He’s a rapper that hits hard with his lyrics and is incredibly in touch with his feelings. Drake’s albums are like a journey through what he’s been thinking about and for a fellow deep-thinker like me, each new album is an enjoyable listen!

Drake already has three incredible studio albums out prior to this one:

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.32.24 PM

Thank Me Later / Take Care / Nothing Was The Same

Hip hop fans know that there are mixtapes in there as well, but these are his major label releases on Cash Money Records 🙂

Drake is an incredible artist! I can’t stress that enough and if you’re ever doubting that, I need you to watch and listen to “Take Care” featuring Rihanna.

Go for it! You won’t regret it, I promise…


Many people are trying to tie this album to the completion of Drake’s obligations to Cash Money since Lil Wayne is in dispute with the label (see here: musicrowgirl.com/lil-wayne-is-suing-cash-money-for-51-million/), but I’ll go ahead and say that no matter why it was released…it’s still 17 brand spanking new Drake songs, y’all and I’ll gladly celebrate that!

Drake’s album “Views From the 6” has been hyped up and is expected to be released later this year so I’m inferring that AT LEAST 30 new songs from Champagne Papi will be released this year. Happy 2015, guys! Happy 2015!

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 7.45.02 PM#Happy2015

Drake is headlining Coachella and Governor’s Ball this summer which is so amazing and I’m so proud of him for fighting for that #1 spot in Hip Hop. Everyone has their favorite rapper, but I’m just going to say it: “I believe that Drake is the best rapper of our generation”.

I’m not talking Generation Y or Baby Boomers HAHA Nothing like that. I’m just trying to say that in my opinion, Drake is the most relevant rapper in this day and age.

Head on over to iTunes to get his new album like me: itunes.apple.com/if-youre-reading-this

Thank you Drake for the brand new album! I can’t wait to listen to it over & over again!


Lil Wayne is suing Cash Money for $51 million!


I’ve been hearing for a little while that Lil Wayne is allegedly suing his record label…


…and I can’t believe what I’m hearing!

The thing that makes me scratch my head the most about this is how I was under the impression that Lil Wayne owned “Cash Money” which is the record label he’s allegedly suing! I don’t know what CEO sues their own company, but apparently Wayne is not the CEO of Cash Money…Bryan “Birdman” Williams is!


Birdman is the guy I know is behind the scenes at Cash Money, but it seems like that’s for good reason since he’s the CEO. Lil Wayne is just an artist signed to the record label and that’s a good thing to know because I honestly thought he was running the whole show over there! HAHA

Cash Money includes an incredible hip hop roster of…you guessed it: Lil Wayne and his unbelievable protégés:

Nicki-Minaj-and-DrakeDrake & Nicki Minaj

Why is Lil Wayne suing the label he’s signed to for a whopping $51 million?! I’m glad you asked! As it turns out, Weezy is suing Cash Money for withholding a substantial amount of money from him from his new album “Tha Carter V” that hasn’t been released yet.


Because Cash Money hasn’t coughed up the cash, Lil Wayne feels like since they haven’t paid him what he’s owed so far for Tha Carter V…he should be able to leave the label!

Severing a contract is not easy to do, but it’s apparent that Weezy is ticked at Birdman and wants the judge to declare him the joint copyright holder of everything…including songs by Drake and Nicki Minaj! That must be where the $51 million comes from!

In December, Lil Wayne tweeted: “I want off this label” and probably because Tha Carter V was due to be released in May, was pushed back to December, and still hasn’t been released yet!

Wayne released a new mixtape called “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” last week in which he rapped the following: ‘Did my time at Cash Money, time served and released. But this agent ain’t free, word, that’s the word on these streets.’


You tell me, but I think Wayne is ready to move on and if I were Birdman, I would feel threatened because Drake & Nicki are like his kids and they might follow him out!

You can get “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” on DatPiff: datpiff.com/Lil-Wayne-Sorry-4-The-Wait-2

I’m worried for the future of Cash Money and this fight is getting uglier by the minute! I hope that Tha Carter V will be released soon and hopeful diffuse the lawsuit that Weezy is imposing. I really don’t want him to breakup with Cash Money because he’s built them such an empire and I’m worried that Drake & Nicki won’t stay if he goes 😦

Keep your cool Lil Wayne…and Cash Money, it’s time to pay up!


Drake + Lint Roller = social media frenzy


I saw this story yesterday after writing a post about Nicki Minaj and I can’t stop laughing!


That is Drake. And that is a lint roller.

YMCMB (Lil Wayne’s record label) rapper, Drake, was seen using a lint roller “court-side” at a Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets game on Tuesday night and he singlehandedly set social media ablaze!!! 😀

It happened to be so convenient that the cameras caught him taking out a lint roller and doing work on his pants! HAHA Good job to the camera man who filmed it!!! 🙂

Check out the man in the gray hoodie behind the Air Canada logo on the court:

Isn’t it priceless?!

My family had a thing for lint rollers a few years ago when we had a short-haired white cat that shed on every piece of clothing that we owned! We had to lint roll things all the time and we easily had 2 rollers in every room of the house and 12 in the hall closet!

So I’m no stranger to lint rollers at all! 😉

lintrollerLint Rollers weren’t famous before Tuesday night…but now they’re a sensation! 😀

Now Mr. Champagne Papi (best nickname ever) was not ashamed of his LR!

He posted it to his Instagram with the caption: “Lint rollers on deck”

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.28.51 PM

Drake is seen going at it with the roller in the right corner hahahaha 🙂

I’m just so blown away at the media attention that this has caused and also the amount of gifs AKA motion images that I use here frequently on Music Row Girl!

Check them out:


The original 🙂


At Obama’s second inauguration with Beyoncé singing! HAHA


On 50 Cent’s shoulder when he cursed out a critic of his! 😀


Watching over Rihanna…like usual 😉 hahahaha


At the Outkast reunion at Coachella 2014! 😀


And in the latest Hunger Games saga “Game of Thrones”

In addition to those gifs…these pictures make me SO HAPPY:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.21.09 PMDrakes innermost thoughts & the newest NBA memorabilia for fans

So there you have it! The lint roller is officially trending thanks to Drake!

If you’re sitting here like…who is Drake and what does he sing? Let me just tell you that he rarely sings and mostly raps! 😀 Not to mention, he is one of the most amazing rappers on the planet!

Grab your lint roller and roll while you watch this (skip to 0:30):