Kiss will perform ‘Alive!’ album on 2015 Kiss Kruise!


Kiss is one of the most legendary rock bands of all-time and I’m pleased to say…


…that they will be performing the ‘Alive!’ album on their cruise!

As if Kiss wasn’t awesome enough already, they just one up-ed themselves by announcing to fans that they will be performing the classic 1975 album “Alive!” in its entirety for their Kiss superfans AKA Kiss Navy!

Let me just stop and say how amazing it is that Kiss has cruises and that they stylize them as ‘kruises’! I say “them” because this will be the FIFTH Kiss Kruise! 😀


According to to the statement on Kiss’ Kruise website: “What better way to celebrate the rise of these rock legends than to watch Kiss perform the very live album that launched them into greatness 40 years ago?”

I suppose there is no better way to kelebrate! Okay so every ‘c’ turns into a ‘k’ for me now, even when the pronunciations don’t make any sense HAHA

Just so the Kiss Army is aware, the “Alive!” album will be performed in the Kiss Kruise V indoor show, although I’m sure you’ll see that on your color coated schedules or on what I’m sure is a mobile app for kruise passengers.

Kiss Kruise V will sail from Miami to Jamaica on the Norwegian Pearl and will go from October 30–November 3, 2015!

I really wouldn’t mind going on this kruise! I know that makes me sound crazy, but I can’t even explain my fascination with Kiss! Just know that it’s there and that I’m a huge Gene Simmons fan. I didn’t go see them when they were here in Nashville but I did go check out the hardcore fans in front of Bridgestone Arena with my mom! 😀

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.42.36 PMThe tickets would have cost us an arm & a leg!

Let’s take a peak at the Kiss Kruise from this year:


I want to make sure I tweet the people on the kruise and I hope that their phones work HAHA I need to be included in the fun 🙂

Congratulations Kiss on yet another kruise & cheers to an even bigger year in 2015!